Friday, January 24, 2014


I finally have a 3DSXL in my life~ (* >ω<)
It's the all-white one, because I didn't really fancy any of the other colours~

Recently I've been playing Pokemon X

Fire Emblem Awakening

And Rhythm Heaven (which is just a normal DS game but it reminds me of my high school days haha)

I bought the 3DS at the end of last year, anticipating a huge sale during boxing day sales, but alas they only had a small discount. Really though, I'm very happy I have one~

I may write up some game reviews but for now I'll be enjoying it

For now,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Mittens~

Over the Boxing day sales I noticed ASOS was having some good deals on winter clothing. (Well of course, it's summer here) Because of these deals I picked up a pair of cute mittens >3<

[=3= Need to take a photo of them]

They're really comfy and quite warm and because they have the finger covers instead of it all attatched, it  makes it easier to write and type. This way I can still use them at uni~

[=3= Need to take a photo of them]

I don't really buy clothes online but I found ASOS to be really good with shipping and the quality seems very nice os I may try them out again. ^^

A day or so ago, at Daiso I saw some quite thick yarn so I decided to knit a scarf. Hopefully it'll be done by winter although, I really don't know if I'll keep it or give it away.

It feels very soft, so I'm really happy I picked the yarn up :)

Wishing you a Happy New Year >3<!
I cannot believe how fast 2013 went by, but I'm so very grateful for all of the experiences I had.

Let's have an amazing 2014!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shanghai Trip Part 1!

Because I took a butt-ton of photos when I was in China, I'm going to make 2 posts to hold them~

The first one begins with our departure~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holidays and backlog!

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

I'm on holidays~

I would say 'finally' but this year really has flown by far too quickly.

So many things have happened this year, new relationships, friendships, interests (hobbies etc) and just developments in life.

A lot of personal growth. At least I'd like to think that way~

Whilst my uni marks really need to improve next year   = =''  I just need the motivation to press on with assignments...

Some other updates are:

  • I've been voted the secretary for USYD's Anime Club, SUAnime ^^ I've been really really excited to work with everyone and hopefully the next year will be better than the last!
  • I've come back  from China (of course) and whilst the trip was mostly enjoyable it hit hard in the uni side...a lot.
  • I've been lurking with another person (... I wouldn't say recently,.........but...) so lots of funtimes out~

For the next blog post I'll post some of the photos I have from my Shanghai trip.
At the moment I haven't resized them at all...better get to that~

I've been updating my instagram more recently so if you're interested in checking it out, please go ahead :)

All for now, I'll probably update my blog sometime this week =3=
...seeing as though I'm going on holidays to Coffs Harbour next week ~

I'm definitely excited to go out, but I haven't been out of Sydney really.... like Canberra for excursions and such but not for a holiday so part of me is also a little nervous.

All for now (hopefully not too long ><)


Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello~ Goodbye~

Hello! And Goodbye~

I'm not leaving forever but I am going tot China in 2 days!!

It's exciting to go there, although our reason to go back is not the happiest but we still have to enjoy our trip to see everyone.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be able to make some blog posts whilst I'm there but if not then I'll try to upload, at least some photos, when I get back!

All for now~