Monday, June 28, 2010

Hallå~! From not Sweden!

Hallå! - Is what I would say if i was in Sweden.....
...But I'm not.....
Sorry I haven't been posting for this whole month!!!
I've been busy with school and homework and home stuff and stuff at home etc....
And my internet has been slowed...... because I live on youtube too much >.>....
I have a tutorial(s) ready but because my internet speed is so slow, it would take overnight for all of my images to, I'll post them after the 7th of next month ^.^
I guess my blogging is not going so well, but hey, school is school,
Talking about school! Its the last Monday of this term so only 4 more days until I can sleep in until 12:30!!!! Just Kidding,
I cannot wait for these holidays as I have lots of crafts stuffs planned that I would like to get done, so....4 more days ^.^

Until Later~~~

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