Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decoupaged Glasses case

Hei~! Is what I would say if I was in Finland!

As posted a while ago I got my eyesight checked and the day before yesterday I picked them up.

When I got home I thought...'These glasses cases [Because I had gotten two pairs] look quite bland...'
So I got out my decoupage medium out and pictures from the internet and the outcome was this!

I'm pretty happy with them and I'm going to do the same thing [except with other papers] to my other glasses case. I'll post it later with a tutorial included!

Before I transferred my images onto my computer I came across a very interesting image, Kevin hard at work...

From this I have decided that men may just be able to multi-task!

That's all for now,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lolita Hat

Hola~! [Is what I would say if i was in Spain!]

Yesterday I was busily typing my tutorial for my Twit-birds when the images wouldn't load so.....*sad face :(*
On the other hand, a few weeks ago I made a [if I do say so myself] cute little Lolita hat for my friends birthday costume. My friend really liked it so I gave it to her without [stupidly] taking a photo of it. Turns out, as my mum told me, my friend's mother wore it to a fancy dress party with an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme and won first place for best hat. I was pretty proud of my crafting ^.^ and thus I'm making a new one some other time later :D

I'll post my tute as soon as google chrome loves me again,

Until then

P.S. If anyone has any good mangas or animes they can recommend me please comment or email me at olivia(dot)johansson24(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plushies and Fabrics~!

Today I went to Richmond to get my eyesight checked and get a new pair of glasses. Whilst there I also ducked into Big W to buy some fabrics. ^.^ They sold the patterned pieces by fat quarter and the calico by about a metre. I'm still deciding as to what I want to make with them.

I also made various plushies and softies. There are whales, Twit-birds, arrows, diamonds and hearts...for now. ^.^
I was walking around the house with my camera and dawdled into the computer room where Kevin [My brother] was playing a game. I took a lovely shot trying to smile but when I mentioned it he turned around and gives me a very odd, but cute, pout.