Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DDR-ing at Sydney

Hello~! ^.^
Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while I've been a little busy with my yearly exams, which thank goodness finished this week!
Anyway, on a more exciting note, last Wedesday my friend Katrina and I went to do some manga, anime, Lolita and general knick-nack scouting in Sydney. (I apologize in advance for the image heavy post)

After getting lost walking around Central Station we came across an appropriately named ramen store.
After looking at the map the right way up, we headed in search of Paddy's market. When we arrived there we were delighted because, unlike we had planned it was actually opened on a Wednesday due to new trading hours! ^.^ Happily Kat and I went in in search for many, bargains.
After the tiring experience of searching for anime, manga, lolita nad of the sort merchandise we headed upstairs to Market City. In fangirl delight we found a DDR machine.....unlike at animania when I was very concerned about my crappy-ness, Katrina managed to convince me to play a round.

One Two Three rounds later we had lunch at a nearby restaurant ^.^

After running around, popping in the odd 'Morning Glory' store and walking down the odd road we managed to find 'Shibuya' a popular but really expensive Lolita/Japanese fashion store. The clothes inside were amazing, and absolutely unaffordable.

After my dreams of owning one of the dresses in the store were crushed, Kat and I headed up to the Galleries Victoria in search of Kinokunya.

We crossed the street and headed over to QVB and really, we felt like tourists, taking photos of all of the clocks and architecture.

After standing at Town Hall station for 20 minutes we decided, lets just go back to Central to do more shopping. On the way back we saw the most amazing cake store and just drooled at the sweetness.

The cakes were enormous and the macaroons were absolutely spectacular.
On one of the light pole boxes we saw a strange sight,

It was made of concrete, but we thought of the symbolism......
Back at Paddy's market were played one two three four games of DDR....heh heh heh.....

On the train we rested our feet and concluded that it was all because of the mushrooms that we had such a exciting/high day.

We even made some friends at Mulgrave station whilst we were waiting for Mum and Dad.

All in all it was an awesome day and I know that I'm going to be getting DDR soon........
In the mean time,