Sunday, April 17, 2011

Japan Characters Exhibition


On Friday my brother [Kevin] and I went to the city to have a look at the Kingdom of Characters exhibition by the Japan foundation in Sydney.

On the train Kevin decided to wake up.....

"Please, no photos...''

The gallery itself was pretty interesting with a few pieces. I took heaps of photos of the gallery which you can find here

[I think Kevin likes this photo best as he had to smuggle his Pikachu past mum ^o^]

We also went to Kinokuniya because we could and we had plenty of time...

Afterwards Kevin and I explored the wide city and pretty much walked from Martin Place to Central.... and really what's the City without...

DDR~! Of course Kevin wanted in on the fun and played a round as well...

At lunch Kevin had a PSP break...

Hey! How is that a combo!?!?
[I have to say one of my favourite shots ^o^]

Did you have a fun time Kev?

[I'll take that as a yes....]

All for now~!

P.S Sorry for all of the spam of my brother...But he's so adorable!!!

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