Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello ^o^

I'm alive. I have just been really busy with home, school, school, and picking up some more interests. So far the year has been enjoyable, mostly filled with school. On the side I have become more interested in Cosplay, the 'art' or dressing up as ones favourite anime characters.

Armageddon Expo 2011 allowed me to give this a go as a first-timer which was great! I guess as time goes on I will be going to more anime conventions to dress up as more characters ^o^ I have plans to attend Sydney Supanova, SMASH and Sydney Main Animania so I will post about them when the time comes.

Sooner or later I will post some pictures [progress and completed] of my upcoming cosplays and how they are going and ended up. I'd like to post more about my crafting and outings with friends [which will probably include DDR].

I will revive this blog, hopefully within the week [or holidays] but for now I'm studying for upcoming exams, well at least trying to x.x


P.s You can see the outfit I wore to Armageddon {here}

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