Sunday, July 3, 2011

Simple Paper Tape Tutorial


These days I have really gotten into the Pretty Japanese Washi Tape, and it's pretty because really it is! There are some amazing varieties and they are all so adorable! The downside with me being a student and all is I'm not working and can't buy too much because really, for me, it's kinda expensive. [But still Cute!]


I decided to make my own variation and it's Super Duper easy!

Double Sided Tape
Wrapping Paper [I used leftovers and scraps]
a Stanley Knife or Scissors
Some thing to wrap it around [I used an old pen cap]

Lay your wrapping paper pattern side down

[I used two tape rolls as weights to hold it down so it wouldn't curl]

Using the double sided tape, tape the side like so;

and extend it to the length or your paper

Cut around the tape with either your Stanley knife or scissors for a clean edge and roll it onto anything, I just used a pencap [in a really gaudy colour at that x.x]


and then use it~!


I just wrapped it around a lip balm tube and a Jar but really its uses are limitless!

Told you it was simple :D

Until next time Baibai!