Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chinatown Ajisen Ramen and Maruyu (+haul)


Today  had my preliminary yearly exams for Chinese.....they went 马马虎虎 let's just say.

The day itself started off great with me drinking the most amazing Honeydew Shake with Lychee Jelly from Easy Way~! And on the radio in the shop I hear the English version of Wedding Dress by Taeyang! Amazing Start of day!

The exams where as good as exams are.....but that's not important what is important is what I did afterwards :)

At Central a few of the girls in my Chinese class went to....

Yummm!! I love Katsu ramen and the one from Ajisen Ramen was soooo Tasty~!

Afterwards I went with one of my friends to Maruyu which is a little Japanese $2.50 store and seriously I love $2.59 stores ^o^

1. Little Elastic Hair ties~! I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with these.

A little pack of tissues just to leave in my bag only .50c too~!

I love little storage jars just so that I can make lip balm into them etc.~!

And the packaging is so adorable~! LACE!

Some more Petit Jars....

Number Paper Clips~!

They look really great quality so hopefully when I take them out they'll be ultra useful ^.^

And one of my favourite purchases was......

Its so cute~! Hopefully I'll be able to use it for lunches etc. It was only $2.50~!

Of course with a box one needs utensils....

By the way the total was $15.50 Very well spent~!

The next item made me fangirl scream A LOT in Morning Glory. Like seriously it was really awkward afterward, but I was so happy with my purchase~! It's a..... 

OMG AREN'T THEY SO COOL~! I love the album and have wanted this poster since the album came out~! 

I was interested in getting a nude-ish lip stick and I thought, 'Hey, it looks good, so it give it a try~!' and I really like it, It's smooth and doesn't crease ^o^

Swatch- No Flash

 Swatch - with Flash


Until again Byee~!

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