Sunday, December 4, 2011

State Library and KPOP?

Hello <3
So long since.....anything
Actually I wanted to post so much stuff in the past holidays but my internet died x.x again OTL

Today I went on a Society and Culture/Legal Studies excursion to the State Library which was really great ^o^

Before we met up with everyone to go to the library, Jacob and I wandered from Town Hall up to Wynyard and at JB-HI-FI encountered:


Lets Just say I got Particularly [EXTREMELY] excited

I bought United cube concert <3 I think its the studio songs not the live performances.....But still Just as awesome!

Tracklistnings <3 BEAST

Did I tell you I love BEAST?

So pretty! She gets to duo with HyunSeung for TroubleMaker So Lucky!!!

Their collection so far...Lotsa CUBE Artists <3 (L-R G.NA, HyunA, Beast [B2ST, my favourite Kpop Band] and 4Minute)
Funnily enough the day before the Kpop music festival [which I couldn't go to D:] I was there requesting Kpop which at that time they had NONE! So yay! The Galleries Victoria JB-HI-FI has Kpop!!

I also got some earphones because my Phillips ones broke on friday after 6 long months together

Apple Store <3

Back onto the library.....
The resources are so vast and I want to go back to do PIP research!

After wandering about the library Jacob and Myself split from the rest of the group and went to Chinatown <3<3 I love ChinaTown!!

Hehe....Makanai sounds like Maknae <3 [inside joke]

Before Chinatown though....


I was very excited when  I saw a Missha store in QVB nad the lady was so nice and gave me a few samples to try, I've never used Missha so I'll use them wisely <3 Thank-you

Yummy Red Velvet Muffin! It was delicious!! The lady at ghermez cupcakes was so nice when serving us! Thank-you!

Look at that coconut!!

Jacob had a Peanut Muffin, He liked it :D It looked delicious

First bite!!!

Yummy ChaTime <3 Love Bubble Milk tea Thanks to Anita for introducing it to me <3

My Tonkatsu Ramen @ Ajisen Ramen. It was delicious but I ate the 1/2 egg before I snapped a shot!

Jacob really liked his Tofu ramen!

They were showing a Big Bang concert on the TV but my camera wouldn't focus on GD's DJ-ing

After lunch [at 2:00.....] I took Jacob around some more and we went into Media Asia in Chinatown. Honestly it's my favourite store I love it!





What I bought: 2x B2ST lanyards [one for my friend Anita <3] 
a SHINee badge 
a rectangular SHINee badge
2x B2ST Glowsticks!!!! So excited to get them
A B2ST folder 
a Infinite folder
a JYJ badge
2x U-Kiss Badges
and Big Bang Sticky tape

Yay for stuff <3 <3

At morning glory I also got some stuffs:

A powder make up container
2012 Calendar
and a really nice nude nail polish

I got the Puffin 'Frankenstien' from the giant Dymocks, mostly because it's a set text, but I still want to read it ^o^

Last week my Skin 79 BB Cream ran out, so I got a new one ^o^
The lady at the store was really nice, She was like 'Here is a real one and fake one. I give you the real one!' She was super sweet and I still checked for the Real/Fake signs and its clear :D


total haulage~~

Before I set off to the excursion thingy, mum wanted to get photos of Kevin and me to put in christmas cards [I think...] here are some of the awkward and funny ones!

I love Kev's expression!

One eye closed ;D

I think he was trying to look less Asian, he just made me laugh!

I ended up taking the camera and took one Camera-whore style and it came out alright....Kev just is being poked by my glasses and we both look super Asian :D

Loving this song at the moment! Sorry to everyone at school I keep whistling the tune, Its so catchy!

and I love HyunSeung <3

I think I'll do a weekly favourite song post ^o^ that way at least I'm more active

Until next time! Olivia~

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