Monday, January 23, 2012

Parramatta Trip with Kevin


Last Thursday [hey I'm actually posting about something that happened within the week :D] I, being the caring sister that I am, dragged Kevin off to Parramatta to the Opening of the MediaAsia store~

Yay Asian Pop close to home!!!


Anyway, they were very well stocked in terms of Kpop CDs but Jpop....I saw one AKB48 CD D;

Yummy Lunches!!

I ended up buying Paradise and 5 wristbands~ with 10% off I'm pretty happy ^^

Until Next time~

Alice Nine Channel 16/01/12

Let me just say, Alice Nine one of my FAVOURITE groups in the world~ and I love that they have A9 Channel~

Here are some photos from the last one I managed to take with my 1 in the morning D;

Yay I <3 Alice Nine~

Next A9 channel is 22/02 ~

Enough Fangirling~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pre-New Years Outing With Anita

Hello ^^

This actually happened before New Years but I jut got some time to post it ^^
The day before NYE Anita and I went to Chinatown to have some down relax time!

As usual we headed to Rong Bao Tang to check out the music~

Chilling on the floor with Beast~
I ended up buying Tablo's new album 'Fever End' and honestly it is a piece of lyrical genius~ I love it So much!
Even the album itself looks like a piece of art! Would have loved to have gone to the exhibition~

My delicious ChaTime~ 

Some of the things I bought~
I was going to buy the original Skin79 oriental gold but they didn't have it, so I purchased the 'Plus' version and I really like it!

Also the Diamond Blotting powder

A Milky Lipstick in 01

And Purikura photos~~

I love these two ^^

That's all for now~ I'll review the products later