Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hot Summer *cough*

Hello Hello ^o^

I'm back at school~


On another note, Australia's weather has been really really odd these past few months

December Rained almost everyday

January Rained...almost everyday

And February so far is ehh

To day was pretty odd.....
It started off alright~
But then it POURED!! Like crazy

In the holidays was my birthday //is old

And after I got my ears pierced....after being too scared to get them before I plucked up the courage

But that means that all the clip on 'clips' I bought have now gone to waste....
And I have to change the clips on my earrings to hooks or studs~

But I've made a few pairs~

Now I'm still wearing my first ones so that the hole doesn't close

Something else I decided to make today are a heart and button rings
For my birthday my mum bought me this beautiful Chinese style painting book~

It has step by step instructions to help one paint the motifs

I love it!!

All for now ^o^

Leaving you with Rainy Days by One Way

I love this song so much <3

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