Friday, February 24, 2012

Shopping At A Bargain!!!

Helloo ^^

I haven't blogged since the holidays so here's a quick update :)


That's about it...

Today Kevin wanted to withdraw from his language school so we went over to fix that up~
On the way back we stopped at Rouse Hill to get some books~~

I wanted to purchase some books for english originally but I decided to get a Society and Culture Excel book~ [Yay!!]

I also popped into Cosmo Cosmetics to grab some small things.....some......

I think I spent about $18 so I'm happy ^o^

I like their sales~

Revlon Powder Brush for about $8, It's so nice and soft!!

Duo  Eyeshadows for $2 each~ I picked up 3, Tribecca Toast, New York City Skyline and SoHo Spice

I think they are the older versions of N.Y.C Colors' duo pallets, I'm not 100% sure~

Also some Quad Eyeshadows for $2each, but Buy 1 Get 1 Free So two of those ^^

And a small shine lip stick and Shimmer dust for $1 buy 1 get 1 free~

I ended up depotting/de-rollymajigging the shimmer, because it was just a bad case of packaging, none of the shimmer came out so, now all fixed!!

Yayy!! Love specials!

Simple, the skin care line had a stand in the Woolies so I purchased the Oil Balancing moisturiser and the Oil Balancing Facial Scrub and the lady at the stand was really nice and gave me two samples of the Hydrating Moisturiser <3

They are really nice and don't contain any perfume or colouring, which is great! Especially for sensitive/oily skin like me :)

Also bought "Princess Mononoke" I LOVE this movie!! One of my favourite Ghibli films of all time! and it's going to be one of my related texts for English [Yay!!]

That's about all for now~

Off to write stories and Essays, Woohoo!


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