Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cosplay Wigs Care!! For Long Wigs

Hello Everyone!!

This is just a randomish post but with Sydney Supanova coming up next weekend I have a great tip for all you guys and gals cosplaying!!

Last year I purchased a Hatsune Miku wig, with the base and 2 twintails about 120cms long each. Unbeknownst to all things cosplay I wore my wig out to the convention without any care!

Turns out. By the end of day 1 it looked a little like a beaver's nest.

See exhibit A

Look at dat nest!

So after 2 days of wearing an EXTREMELY tangled and fuzzy wig I googled my life away and found my saviour

Yes. WD-40 spray.
 Not going to lie. 
I was a total sceptic but it did wonders!!! But gradually combing it out and conditioning it with the spray it turned out great ^o^ 
Now it's a little greasy to touch but oh-so-much straighter and does not tangle at all!!

[This was taken at Smash! 2011 about a month later See all straight :)]

So word of warning!
When you buy a wig, before you go out wearing it, getting it all tangled and killed give it a thin coat of WD-40 spray and make sure you comb it through!! That way, no-more tangles!

Here it is now~ It looks tangled but with a comb through it's dead straight ^o^

To store it I just plait it and store it in one of my fabric bags~

So have a great time Convention hopping and I hope you've learned something to help your cosplaying :D


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