Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY LightBox

Hello ^^

I haven't done a DIY Tutorial for a long time so why not now!! ^o^
 Recently I made a Lightbox to take better photos [although I'll be needing to get some more lights] so
Click the jump if you're interested!!

Here's the tutorial~

Most of it is self explanatory with the pictures but I'll annotate as we go :D

You'll Need:

  • A sturdy and empty box
  • A knife/scissors/stanley knife
  • Marker
  • Clips
  • Paddlepop Sticks
  • Wood Glue
Lets Start ^^

First off we'll need a box which is no longer in use~

Cut off the base two flaps so that there is an opening [Excuse the bulldog clamps for the moment]

Next we need to make extra supports on the sides by getting the larger paddle-pop sticks and tiling them across the cut out edge. I just used bulldog clamps to secure them down, [excuse their language]

Supports on both the sides too!!

This is the kind of layering technique you want to use, just so it is reinforced~ You don't need to make supports on the side you want to use as your base~ Only on 3 of the sides

Do this on the top of the box [preferably bigger side]. You may need to have a 2 inch indent depending on the width of your paddle-pop sticks~

And on both the smaller sides too ^^

PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT draw a rectangle on your base, you want that in one piece!!

Now cut a hole where you drew the rectangle!!

Ahh punss~

So now you'll have the original opening where you cut off the flaps, the top open and the two sides with the base and backing still intact~ Cut out some little triangles on the edges of the top frame to make it easier to insert your backing piece~

Paint the sides of the box white so that they won't appear too much in photographs~

Insert a piece of cardboard into the little triangle slits you made at the top and slide it through~ You want to measure the piece so that it fits snugly against the edges and has extra hanging off the front and top.

Use clips to clip it down and glue it so that it won't prop up~

Get your semi opaque fabric and glue it to the top~ I used thumbtacks to secure it as it dried ^^ I used a fast drying wood glue so it'd take a shorter time to dry~

And on both of the sides too~

Once it's all dry cut of the excess fabric and you're ....

Take lots of photos with it and if you do make one please link me~ I'd love to see it!!!

Good Luck!!



  1. oooooo interesting!
    I shall remember this in the future for class activity when I become a teacher ;D
    eeeeee so cooooool XDD It's so simple and easy lol
    Awesome stuff! :D

    1. Thank-you so much lovely!! Great to help ^^
      I hope it was all self explanatory and not to obscurely done~

      Good Luck!!

  2. Oh! This is really interesting! Thankyou! I love it! ^-^