Wednesday, July 4, 2012


At the moment it's almost mid-way through my winter holidays~

And by that I mean it's BLISTERING cold [for Australia]...

As holidays go they've been average~ Been trying to study more and more, and it's coming along ~

Listening to Popasia alot~ Probably coming up to my anniversary of listening to them!!

Really nothing overly important had happened~ Just going one step at a time~

Purchased new glasses to use  for exams~ They're super big but cute in a way ^^

I should be studying more in school and not taking photos!!

Taking photos with Kat and Steph!!

Went to Max Brenner for an English lesson~

I think the one I purchased was the Hot Chocolate with Crunchy Wafers ^^ So yummy!!

Playing around with makeup~ Especially double wings ~~ Blue on the water line and bottom lash line seem to suit these glasses~

I've decided to use my weibo account publicly so you're welcome to follow my updates there too :)

That's all for now ^^ I may do some random makeup reviews and such later~


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  1. Aw what cute photos Olivia, your so pretty :) It looks like your having lots of fun on your holidays and love the new glasses :)Glad to hear all is well, best wishes and take care xoxo