Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've kinda become...

... obsessed with BBCream

I love it so much >3<
I've tried quite a few~

Got into them about last year may-ish and haven't used foundation since!

I'll review each one I own and use gradually~
But most of the ones I've purchased I really like~ [minus one]

I'm making a new light box now too so hopefully it'll be done soon so I can take some half decent photos~

All for now~



  1. Hi *waves hope u've been well,
    i love them too but i have only tried 2 so far :) but i like them too way better than most of the foundations that i have used, i find foundation rather drying where as the BB Creams are moisturising, what is your all time favourite BB cream? hope all continues well and best wishes xoxo

    1. May I ask which ones? I find most of the ones I've bought I love <3 Love the end pink one Skin79 in Hot Pink and The first 3, Lioele Triple the Solution, Lioele Beyond the Solution and the Face Shop Oil Cut Bbcreams~ So many Love them all ^o^