Monday, July 16, 2012

SMASH! Con Report :D

Hiya ^^

On Saturday was SMASH!!, Sydney Manga and Anime SHow and What an awesome convention it was!!!
I was so lucky to spend the day with Rolan and Fire-Dragon whose respective blogs you must definitely visit too!!

Early morning !! I missed my originally planned train so I had to catch the next one >< Sorry Fire!!

It was interesting getting ready on the train, Luckily I was already in my outfit and only had to do my make-up and Wig~ Got a lot of stares though

It was quite funny though, there were some guys discussing their band and when I got my wig on one of the guys just stared XD Maybe a green Miku wig ain't the norm~ He was an anime fan too which was great!! Hoping the recording went well ^^

There were also two lovely girls who I talked to on the train, both were visiting from China going to visit the aquarium ^o^ I was able to get a photo with one of the girls too, So nice!!

At Town Hall I found Fire and we proceeded to the con~ Luckily there were loads of cosplayers so it would have been hard to get lost!!

Ahh the beautiful Darling Harbour~

Look the wonderful venue and that o.O Line.....

So, compared to last year, yes the line was longer. But I arrived earlier last year. It was really interesting the line though, one of the girls behind us had an amazing steampunk-esque outfit on, So pretty!! And funnily enough Scott Maca was standing right in front of me, the same as last year!!

Inside the convention hall the exhibitors were so good!! Visited heaps of stalls and sent so much money XD

At the first stall of Kings Comics I was met by, whom else but Chrissy!!!! 

It was so awesome seeing her again!! And her Maka Cosplay was AWESOME!!!!! Although her prop did have to be cloaked afterward XD

The Gundams looked so amazing! Such precision with each masterpiece!!

Fire Dragon and the Gundam figurine!

Also met Kieran near the artists alley stalls!! Pity I didn't get to see his crossplay in the cos-comp [jokes]

It was about one hour into the convention when I received a text message from Rolan reading: "Where uuuy" and funnily enough! She was right beside me XD

Awesome Link cosplayer! Whom I believe entered the cosplay comp~

This was really one of the lime lights of the convention, Meeting  Zimiel, JKale and KaguyaxHime. These guys are my main inspiration when it came to cosplay and it was so amazing meeting them and being able to express my gratitude. Zimiel was super nice when I bought some of her photo cards and she was able to autograph them too ^^ And I bought an A4 print which they all signed too! Kaguya was super nice and gave me some little Japanese lollies too! Thank-you!! I feel so lucky!! <3

Stardriver Cosplay!!!

It was also great meeting Ben at the con!! It was really funny that at Supanova we met and took photos but didn't realise whom each other were XD This time we did though!!

Meeting Tom too!! He was by him self this convention ;o; Seeing him tomorrow at school too!!

It was about here that the most magical thing happened. I was at one of the vendor stalls, I believe it was Transreality Simulations and looking at their CD collection. I looked down and just pointed to a CD. On first glance I was like "Oh look it's the GazettE!" fangirling a little. And then I was like "OMG IT'S ACTUALLY ALICE NINE ASDANGIOASJGAS" And screamed,....and cried a little, and ended up  buying both of what they had :D Vandalise and Alice Nine Complete Collection '06-'09 //fangirling

Going up!!

Found these Setsugetsuka cosplayers!! They looked absolutely stunning!!

INAZUMA 11 Cosplayer :D

These girls were behind us in the line for the photo booth [which we did not end up getting photos //line too long]

Awekward and funny story behind this photo~ Fire saw this cosplayer a few times but I never managed to until here and when I did I said "Can I please take a photo of your Banana" Haha, awkward now that I think back, but it was still a hilarious situation!

Durarara Cosplayers :D

After leaving the photobooth line we went to get Sakura Tange's autograph, mine on a TMoHS Poker card and Rolan on her CardCaptor Sakura Poster. We got in line and were given tickets BUT. When we were trying to get into the room we were informed that were were cut off as she was only able to see a limited number of people due to her wrist being sore. We were upset but our determination was not out so we stayed in line for a little longer, by this time Fire has gone to get Shinichiro Miki's autograph and gone downstairs to see vendors~ We still patiently and stubbornly stayed in line with the faintest hope we could get a signature although we kept being told we would not by the supervisor. [we were already given tickets so we'd expected to get it] He continued to inform us that we could come at the later session, but by that time I had to be on my way home so I asked if I could just say "Hello to ms Tange and she wouldn't have to sign anything" as a last resort. This allowed Rolan, the cute Japanese guys behind us, the girl infront of us and myself to buy a little more time [yes!]. Luckily with a lot more debating another supervisor allowed us to get her autograph [seeing as though it was only the six of us left!!] YAYY!! Rolan and I were so happy!! We were fangirling as we left and the cute Japanese guys came out and hi-fived us!!   

[Photo Courtesy of  Rolan from The Warping Penguin] Ahh! We're lucky we're stubborn!!

When I was walking out of the hall I also saw Kaika getting ready to go downstairs but I quickly called out to her!! I was so happy when I'd found that she'd be coming to SMASH So when I saw her I had to snap a photo!! She is so lovely and I had to express my gratitude in her helping my own cosplays through her awesome tutorials ^o^

Some Vocaloid Arrest Rose cosplayers [//fangirling after Hiatus, Arrest Rose is my second favourite Vocaloid song!!]

Crino!! BJD <3 They were all so pretty but the cosplaying ones were too cute >3<

Going back into the convention hall Rolan and Fire wanted to get some more merch so I wandered and found Harmony and Suz and asked for photos ^^ They are such amazing cosplayers and especially Harmony made a huge impact with her various MEIKO cosplays, so much that I said to her that she is the best MEIKO cosplayer, which I believe is true. 

After we decided to head out and get on out way home~ We picked up lunch at the small mall outside the convention hall~ Myself eating Chicken And Cheese burgers Yumm >3< Fire had a Happy Meal and Rolan had Oporto :D

Photo Courtesy of Rolan at The Warping Penguin

At the Galleries Victoria~ Just visited Kinokuniya where Fire bought heaps of Manga ^o^ and Rolan bought Deltora Quest Series' Volumes 2 and 3 [they didn't have the first Series' ;o;]

My self and Fire posed infront of Kim Hyun Joong's photo at the Face Shop and a passer by laughed at me XD Rolan laughed with them as she was probably a little embarrassed! Ofcourse I went in and picked up a few samples~ A few of which I gave to my mum //I'm planning to get her some things from there for her anniversary//don't tell her!!//

I had quite an interesting experience on the trains back~ A gentleman asked whether I'd attended SMASH [by that time, wig was off and make-up was mostly cleared, cosplay under my coat~] so we were discussing anime and sci-fi conventions. Really happy to see more people into the niche culture ^o^

As I was getting off there was a gentleman sitting near one of the doors and a woman accross from him. They were having a conversation before which I don't remember the details of but as I was leaving he said to me "Here, you may have a packet of lollies, for a fine lady like you. Please remember me as you enjoy them" as he gave me a pack of Malteasers.  

Mulgrave station at night~
It actually looks kinda pretty XD 

My haul from the day ^^

The A4 Print with Zimiel, KaguyaxHime and JKale's Signatures on it >3< As well as the lolly that KaguyaxHime gave me~

I purchased 2 Lioele BB Creams~ REpurchased the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream [which I loved!] and I bought the Lioele Triple Function BB Cream. Whilst there I also got the Geo Princess Mimi Lenses in Sesame Grey~ {Tsubasa Masuwaka Designed them ans uses them ^^} These three were purchased from Panda Sparks who has amazing Customer service ^o^ 
The Wallet is now my current wallet as my old one needs to be washed urgently!! So cute I got it from Sugart~

I must say my favourite purchase of the day Alice Nine's VANDALIZE and Alice Nine COMPLETE COLLECTION '06-'09 YAYYYY!!!! More to my growing Alice Nine Collection~ I also got a Howl's Moving Castle Keyring/bottle opener!! Tooo Cute >3< 

These two are a book mark I got from ChanCake another Cosplayer whom I really admire and her artworks are too cute also ^^ I asked her to sign it too and she wrote such a wonderful message too <3 To the right is the TMoHS poker card I got signed by Sakura Tange <3 Ace of Spades for my first of this collection ^^

My signed Zimiel Photocards ^o^ She, Kaguya and JKale were so lovely to talk to ^^

And so that was my SMASH! 2012 experience~ Really I loved the convention so much. One of the best I've attended and Definitely because I got to hang out with the Awesome Fire-Dragon and Rolan <3 We definitely have to meet again!!

I'll blog about my outing on Friday later this week but that's all for nao~

Olivia <3


  1. Twas a fun and awesome day!!
    Man your camera shots are nice *A*
    hehehe XD
    Shall hang out again soon (hopefully) ^0^

    1. It was so!!! Thank-you I was lucky most turned out well ^^ Got a few blurry ones though ><
      Most definitely ^o^ WE all should~ Hopefully a whole chatbox meetup!!

    2. OMG!!! that a great idea there Olivia, yes i would love that :) would love to meet you all :) yay for a whole chatbox meet up :) one day i hope we can do that :) best wishes xoxo

  2. Hi Olivia *waves wow what a awesome day, it was so much fun reading that blog and seeing all the pics, i agree with you and R0lan Fire is defiantly a cutie but then again Fire and I agree you and R0lan are cuties too :) makes me so happy reading how you all met up :) yay for Pop Asians :)

    Hope your having a great night and thank you for sharing this fun blog post :) hope all is well and best wishes xoxo

    1. She is isn't she!!! Both of them have proven them selves adorable!! ^o^ Next time you are here we all should have a meet up and I definitely wish something like a chatbox meet up could go through !!! One day ^o^

  3. This was so fun to read! Love your photos! Thanks for sending them to me! <3

    This was one of the best cons I've attended in a long time! I think mostly thanks to you and R0lan! Most fun I've had in ages, thankyou both so much! Would really love to hang out with you and R0lan again! <3 Also agree to the chatbox meetup! Would be so awesome!

    I still disagree with all 3...well...5 (Shan and Emily too) of you! I'm not cute! I'm so out numbered right now though. T-T But still love you all! ^-^