Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where'd my computer go?!

Recently I'd decided that "Hey, I need more space on my table" and in so~ Decided to give my beloved computer to my brother ^^

My table was a total mess but now it's cleared~

He seems happy with it~ We just need to get out wi-fi working [again D;] or purchase another really long Ethernet cord [we have about 2 going through our house so far,

But now I'm using my laptop as a desktop which I'm happy with ^^ It works just as well and is probably less laggy because I don't have as much stuff on it [yet]

I have a few days I wish to blog about but really right now I should be writing my reflection statement~ So close to the end of school, it really scares me!!

Washed my make-up brushes today so they'll be nice and squeaky clean~ Also have a few tutorials lined up ready to go~ All photographed, just have to start typing ^^

Lately I've been very Jrock orientated [maybe with my growing collection of Alice Nine haha] but this song has definitely been my jam for the past month~

Love it!

Nighty for now~


  1. Hi *waves hope u've been well :)
    aw that was so sweet you of to give your brother your desktop computer :) and help him set it up too, I havent had one here in a very long time,
    ooo loving the monthy jam :) a big thank you to you and all the pop asians introducing me to the world of visual kei,
    I hope the studies are going well and best of luck with your upcoming HSC :) sending lots of best wishes and hope all continues well xoxo

    1. Hiya!! //waves~
      Ahh I promised him at his birthday that he could have it and I've already got my laptop so really it was the least I could do ^o^
      Thank-you~ some times it's hard to get into different music but I love that the GazettE's is strong and striking regardless their background ^^
      Thank-you! just handed in a part of my Major work so I'm on the way!! <3

  2. !!!!!!!! Your brother has the same study table as me.
    Well I think im gonna upgrade it, since I need a new bookshelf 8D

    1. XD Ah it's such a small world!!
      Good luck finding one!~

      I saw you buying more books and photographing excerpts!!