Friday, August 3, 2012

Eye-codi Lens Review!!

Hello ^^

I don't usually do lens reviews, mostly because I haven't used all to many but I was really excited with these!!

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These lenses I'd purchased in Chinatown Sydney, dodgy I know, but they are absolutely amazing!!

In reality I bought these lenses with the intent to wear them to SMASH con and then use the [Princess Mimi] ones I'd purchase there~ ...but as I didn't have lenses for SMASH itself, I thought hey, I'll get e new pair.

I'd had a really bad time wearing some blue Geo Lenses which I really cannot remember the model and I think the main issue was that they were in Plano and I obviously wear glasses. The biggest issue was that I didn't want to have to wear my glasses for my cosplay but seeing as though my eyes are -3.00 and -2.25 that was kinda an issue. Issue being, I couldn't see past 5 meters clearly.

These lenses are really great

They're not the most vivid in colour, but oh my, the plan I got [although I was a little off wit the stock shortage] were the most comfortable. I'd wear them to school everyday with no issues at all. They'd only dry out if I was sitting under an airconditioner.

Onto the review!!

The colour I love! Although it is a far cry from natural I love it so much, it stands out and is really good for grey eyed character cosplay.

They are two toned which made them look less natural but they're still super pretty!

This photo was taken in bathroom artificial lighting and they come up pretty well!

On the eye you see it doesn't blend the best ~

With flash one[sorry about the shiny face ><] and the colour comes off as a deep grey~

Honestly I loved these lenses and really want to seek more information about them. The woman whom sold them to me mentioned that they are manufactured by the same guys as Geo but I haven't found any further info.

Overall ratings:
Design 3.5/5
Comfort 5/5
Enlargement 4/5
Repurchase? Yes, Definitely!!

So that's all for this evening~ Alice Nine Channel starts in about 10 minutes so I'll post my pic spam from then later too!!



  1. hi, may i know what code of thay lens? it's natural and i lovee it >.<

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