Friday, August 17, 2012

NanTien Temple

Hello ^^

I've been MIA again for ages, mostly because of my HSC and needing to finish my major works [all of which are done now [yay!!]].

Wednesday was my last major work filled day and on Thursday morning I caught the train with Kevin and while he went to school, I wen to the City to meet up with my Society and Culture class and the year 11 Studies of Religion class~ Together we headed to....

It is for our Society and Culture module; Belief Systems whereby our primary study is belief systems~

The Pagoda was absolutely beautiful and the lady in care of the area was really helpful in guiding us around there ^^ We were so lucky for our weather! Clear blue skies~

We also participated in an origami class as a form of meditation, for some it worked, for others it may not have...haha. Yay for random stream of light and Bokeh~

The front, smaller temple with Joel meditating~

The Pagoda from afar~
I'll upload so more photos later~ But, it's 11:36 and I woke up are 5:10 this morning~ Time for nap tiems~

Obligatory selfies!! [funny story behind this actually... I went to show the guys behind me the photo and as I was walking backwards tripped over the stairs haha!!]


Leaving you with 三个和尚 seriously, one of my favourite short films to watch now and always~

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