Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've tried quite a few new products. Some things I've been looking out for are mostly for the summer as the winter is getting warmer now

Hey! It's a smilin' egg!

I love all seasons, really, but I just thing winter is always nice when there's a heater nearby and summer is always nice when there's shaved ice involved ^o^

Gosh Nao is distracting   //biassss (Not my .gif, taken from a tumblr post~)

Especially icy Coconut drinks are delicious~~


I guess I've collected a few things over time which I super duper love!! mostly cosmetics hahaha,

Firstly though.....

Red Velvet cakes!!!! Ahh soooo gooood!!!!

Last weekend I went to the Northern Beaches with my cousin and Aunty~ They were here visiting from ShangHai and we were taking them around~

Love Akuna bay <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

Used to live in Narrabeen but unfortunately my old house's lot had already been changed with my whole old house taken down and a new house rebuilt over. Ahh how time has gone by~

At Warriewood Square I got to pick up the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tenacious Teal, {which I've been looking for everywhere!!! Always was out of stock,} and the Rimmel Lipstick in Coral in Gold which is one of my favourites!

Yeah, it's obviously cosplay rubbing off into real life, But I'm not worried  haha~

Cosplay ALL the Mikus!!

And so we continue~
On the day I left of r the Nantien Temples, I quickly went to QVB and the MISSHA store. The lady was so nice as I'd arrived before opening time but still let me in to buy the Signature Collection Pot Concealer before I had to catch the next train out.

I'll review it later but so far I love it!!

Upon arriving back to Town Hall on the way back home I headed the other way and went to the Galleries Victoria and to The Face Shop and Kinokuniya

At The Face Shop the ladies there we so lovely where they helped me join as a member. I also bought the Waterproof BB Cream as a test as I really loved the consistency in store. I was contemplating getting a sleeping mask...but am not 100% sure yet....

I'll also review it later with my other BBCreams but so far it's one of my favourites!!! The staying power on my skin is amazing and the sebum control rocks!!

At Kinokuniya I picked up September's Popteen >3< Yayyyy!!! But there is something in it which I'm going to rant about soon.

My Burt's Bees Lipbalm is running low so I purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips yesterday [yes I know I'm late on the band wagon] and so far really like it ^^

As well as some Lacura products; their Blush which is quite pigmented and I really like BUT Had copious amounts of shimmer D;, and also one of the Lacura Eyeshadow duos, there's a Golden colour and a Peachy colour also super shimmery~

Everything~ Minus the Maybelline Colour Tattoo~

Tomorrow is school ~ Yay?

Back to the routine, study and sleep more hopefully,

Leaving you with a beautiful ballad~ Miryo and Sunny sing so melodically together <3 p="p">

Bye <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

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  1. Hi there Olivia *waves :) i really enjoyed reading that so much, i love your views on cosmetics, i dont use a lot of make up here but it always fun to see what else is out there and what cool stores i can visit next time i am down that way :)

    Plus i still cant get over how cute Nao looks in that pic, i can totally see why he is your bias, you too totally make a cute couple :)

    otherwise i hope all is well and best wishes, keep up the amazing work and best of luck with you studies :) bye for now *waves xoxo