Friday, September 28, 2012

September Favourites!

Whoo! My virgin first 'Favourites' post!

I've never done one, but watched a bajillion on youtube and read a few on blogs and wanted to try one out~
Most of the ones I read are cosmetics based but we're going the whole spectrum~ Click See more to see more!!

With everything going on I've culminated a few things~

Quite a few things ^^''

This passage is slightly off topic:
I've noticed that my writing style had really taken a turn since I started this blog. Originally I was influenced by bloggers like Cathe Holden, mairuru and Crafterholic to make a blog to show some of my own ideas and I've really been enjoying my experience. But over time my writing style has changed. I tried to imitate this matured blogger style as seen in my Notepad tutorial from way-back and really for me, it just felt fake. Now I think I've become more open with the way that I express ideas and convey them here, although in some cases I may sound juvenile and naive~ I like it. 
Although I may abuse the swish~~ button and add emoticons to help assist in my explanations, Please Please still follow this blog as recently I've found that it has been a good method of procrastination expressing my own ideas and my interests. Thank-you ^o^

So yay September!!

So to start off one of the first purchases I made was...//drum rolllll (Please Click more to read on!!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animania Mania 2012!!

Hello Everyone!!

 It's hard getting Kev to take photos!!

It really feels like so long ago since I did my last Animania recount~ Ahh 2 years ago~

This time the group was significantly smaller~ Just Kevin and myself!!

In the line (which took about 45minutes to get in) there were 2 girls behind us who, guess what! Came from the suburb next to mine haha!

Inside I was stalking R0lan from The Warping Penguin as she was volunteering ^o^ Hehe my graffitti!!

I also saw Kierin lurking around the SuAnime table haha!!

I was able to learn Gangnam style dance [again?] at the Crossover Dance stage which was really fun, especially in cosplay!!

At lunchtime [or just after] I was walking and noticed Yasmin Arslan walk past me and I totally fangirled, gave my things to Kev and asked her for a photo. She's such a lovely person, stunning and really is so nice~ we talked for a minute before we both had to head off~

Really I don't have a lot to report as I didn't stay for too long. Ended up leaving about 2ish because I had work later that day~

Haha this guy was rocking the line!!

R0lan and I took photos at the What a Big Camera Stand, will post them later hehe~

So it was a fun day out~
Soo good to see friends!

And my haul from the day!!

And also some BRS Posters >3< Not a lot~ But entry was a hefty chunk outta my wallet!!

Kevin was obviously very worn out~
Ahh~ to prepare another blog post haha~


Monday, September 24, 2012

Formal Evening~

Click Read more to see the recap

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mucking our Graduation~

Last Wednesday and Thursday was my graduation~

Click read more to see more!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September means.....

...Quite a few things to me this year,

I'm graduating High School next week on Wednesday,
My Year 12 formal is on the Thursday
More blogging because I'll be home more often studying,, and realistically, blogging is a good time out of my mind
Reviews, (Haha where did my BBCream one go?!?)
and more
Crafty Goodness!!


Here's the random part,
For some reason, when I lose something, is always ends up being in between my mattress and my bedframe, first my cosplay top...then my wallet.... Gosh I need to tidy my forest room!!


What have I been listening to recently?

Funny story attached actually. When I first got into Alice Nine, Gemini had only just been released, and then really, it was never my favourite song. Now that I own the album I really love it and feel that I have gotten into is more thoroughly. Both Gemini and Kowloon 9Heads Rodeo Show (another song I was never the biggest fan of, on their album Zekkeishokku) have been blasting in my house all the time. Ahh My tastes have changed a little ^^
Like with Hana, never really liked it until i watched Alice Nine Channel in September last year when the Staff played it !

For now we enjoy <3 p="p">

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You see, this was once supposed to be a really serious blog, haha ^^ Then my interests got really involved,....

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

University Open Days!

...Really make me realize how small my high school is. And how petty everything seems.

Last weekend was UTS and USYD open days and WOW! I'm amazed, they're both amazing!

Everything is so grand when it comes to universities, like really wow,

Such beautiful structures and everything is all in order~

All for now~

I really love being inspired by...

Japanese fashion magazines.

I know it's kind of juvenile for someone of my age to be looking at Popteen or those magazines but I really love the Gyaru fashion. It's cute, simple, and in some cases, rather chic.

And GACKT, There can never be enough GACKT <3 p="p">As much as I love Gyaru fashion and makeup there is something I really have issues with which really, is only a few pages away.

Surgery Advertisements.

It's naive to think that these women have not had surgeries, whether it's for double eyelids, nose arching or breast improvement because, really, may of these are not the typical traits of the Japanese genetics.

But my biggest issue is the fact that these surgeries are being advertised within a magazine, whose demograph is 13-20. These women, [and in some cases men] are able to appreciate the fashion and makeup style, but in no way should be advertised so explicitly within a fashion magazine. I know, I know, "Ah you're so naive, of course these women get surgery" of course they do. Women of all ethnicities and races do, it's globally accepted, BUT  when it is targeted towards adolescent girls that's the main issue.

The acessibility to surgery is astounding, the prices, to my surprise are not even that high but it is those early influences at such a young age which really disturbs me.

"Ahh it's those girls' choices what they want to do to their bodies" Of course. I 100% agree. BUT once again these girls, at a young age, are being forced by negative pressures from society, to look a certain way or act another way is just terrible. Of course, by changing your fashion sense or wearing make-up or circle lenses is also an adjustment, but they are temporary, wheras surgery is something these women must live with.

Honestly, I am one of those people who thinks, All women and people are beautiful in their own way. What is treasure to one may not be to another, but I don't think taking the 'easy' way out with surgery is in anyway appropriate. If it's due to a medical condition then, you'd need that, but for purely cosmetic purpose I'm not appeased.

Women and men are free to make bodily adjustments, i think it's fine but I just think these social pressures put upon young girls is not appropriate.

Instead I think girls of this age should just perv at Satoh Takeru <3 a="a" especially="especially" href="">R0LAN

All for now~