Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animania Mania 2012!!

Hello Everyone!!

 It's hard getting Kev to take photos!!

It really feels like so long ago since I did my last Animania recount~ Ahh 2 years ago~

This time the group was significantly smaller~ Just Kevin and myself!!

In the line (which took about 45minutes to get in) there were 2 girls behind us who, guess what! Came from the suburb next to mine haha!

Inside I was stalking R0lan from The Warping Penguin as she was volunteering ^o^ Hehe my graffitti!!

I also saw Kierin lurking around the SuAnime table haha!!

I was able to learn Gangnam style dance [again?] at the Crossover Dance stage which was really fun, especially in cosplay!!

At lunchtime [or just after] I was walking and noticed Yasmin Arslan walk past me and I totally fangirled, gave my things to Kev and asked her for a photo. She's such a lovely person, stunning and really is so nice~ we talked for a minute before we both had to head off~

Really I don't have a lot to report as I didn't stay for too long. Ended up leaving about 2ish because I had work later that day~

Haha this guy was rocking the line!!

R0lan and I took photos at the What a Big Camera Stand, will post them later hehe~

So it was a fun day out~
Soo good to see friends!

And my haul from the day!!

And also some BRS Posters >3< Not a lot~ But entry was a hefty chunk outta my wallet!!

Kevin was obviously very worn out~
Ahh~ to prepare another blog post haha~



  1. Why did I not know about this amazing event???? Your outfit is so cute and your wig is AMAZING. xx g

  2. Thank-you so much!! You're an anime fan? These conventions are in Sydney year round and are so much fun! You should definitely check them out ^o^ Thank-you for Visiting!