Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You see, this was once supposed to be a really serious blog, haha ^^ Then my interests got really involved,....

Anywho, ERMAHGERDDD I have Alice Nine's 2006 Album Zekkeishoku!!!!!!

This is my favourite of their albums so I was OVERJOYED when I saw it online! Even better was that it was the Limited edition!!!

Ahhh So happy >< I originally ordered it as a gift to my self for handing in my major works for extension 2 English and Society and Culture and now I feel so fulfilled >3<

Some pic spam~

And here's the unpacking video!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll do a review for a bbcream!! Yayy Finally haha!!

Today I got home and was a little tired so I made a smoothie! Perfect for the hot hot weather we've had!

Because of the hot weather I've changed my hairstyle a little~ Side braid ^o^

See you next post!!!

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