Monday, September 24, 2012

Formal Evening~

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From muck-up day to my graduation.

From my walkout ceremony to my Formal~

Lets just say the walkout ceremony was not very successful on my part.
More speeches, to cry about, Meg even mentioned that she would try not to make me cry, Thanks Meg.
We had a 'final roll call' where my teacher would read our names and we'd reply 'present'. Lets just say that everyone successfully said present...except for me where it came out as 'presesdfdjgsdfgsfsgd *cries*' blub blub.
Walking out to "Forever Young' was also so emotional. Really i'm in tears trying not to stumble and the Kpop girls in the year below screamed to me "Saranghae" //was bawling her eyes out here// I love them and I'll miss them so much

Off to the hairdresser to get my hair styled, I was really happy with it >3<
Off to Anita's to do make-up and stuff haha~

Then off to my Pre-formal to take lots of photos and mingle with others ~

So many photos!

Then we scuttled off to Emily's house to catch the hummer from and take lots more photos!

It's PINKKKK!!!!

Haha it was fun inside!!

At the formal~ L'Aqua in Cockle Bay. The only reason I knew where it was is because Sydney Convention center is across from it (*cough* SMASH)

 Really beautiful view out!

Lots of photos~

Inside we did some fun awards, Listened to more speeches, and talked to others and of course danced!

Someone got uber excited when she heard Gangnam Style Haha wonder who that was //me//

So really it was a great evening, lots of dancing and mingling and really a fun night.
Afterwards it was straight home to bed~

For now~

Olivia <3 p="p">

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  1. Hi Olivia *waves
    I know i posted this on your graduation blog post but thanks for sharing all these pictures with us all :)
    You look so gorgeous in your formal dress and your hair and make up look amazing :) not that you weren't always beautiful,
    LOL at the Gangnam Style though, i get excited when i hear it too, cant help but dance along LOL
    Hope your having a great evening and once again thank you and congratulations, best wishes and take care xoxo