Sunday, September 2, 2012

I've Dyed my Hair!! :D

Haha I'm kidding, That's just my Miku Wig XD
It actually looks like this ^^

My hair was originally darker but it now more yellow toned

(This is a before photo)

I used the Liese bubble Hair dye and it worked really nicely ^o^ Didn't have too much difficulty even though it was my first time~

Waiting~ Waiting~

 Ping! All done ~ The colour was Chiffon Beige by Prettia

So just a quick post for now ^^


  1. Hi Olivia, wow i really love that colour on you, it looks so beautiful :) not that u werent always beautiful :)hope all has been well ur way, best wishes and take care xoxo

    1. Ah Thank-you so much ^^ I do like it but mum is still wary about it.... Thank-you I'm not really that >< I'm just me~ Thank-you Thank-you <3<3 Have a lovely day hun!!