Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mucking our Graduation~

Last Wednesday and Thursday was my graduation~

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With Wednesday as my yar 12 muck-up day and my evening graduation ceremony the Thursday as the whole school year 12 leaving ceremony and, later that evening, formal.

Wednesday was my year's muck-up day and wow what a fun day it was~ Really we weren't terrorizing the rest of the school~ mostly just playing around, like spraying glitter (Making the Kpop fangirls SHINy like SHINee haha) gluing coins to the ground etc. Just small things ^^ and the year all got dressed up to participate which was great!!

Some of my awesome year group~

Really it was a super fun day... although we got kicked out at recess time herp derp....

I ended up staying and talking to teachers haha~

My beloved manga section~ really I think I was the one who built it up~

From this small shelf, [and then the school had to order new ones because we had too many!!] to the new big ones <3 nbsp="nbsp">
I'll miss them~
Graduation was later that evening, and gosh it was pouring, my face was saturated....maybe it was just me. Yupp just me. Let me just say, the speeches came together and by the end of the night I was crying Australia's yearly rainfall.

An emotional evening~ All the speeches, Meg and Scott (our school captains) really really captured the essence of our time there.

For now~ Next post is Formal!!


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  1. Hi Olivia *waves
    Thanks for sharing these pictures and congratulations on you graduation :) I bet you are sad to leave but best wishes for your future endeavors and studies, congratulations xoxo