Friday, September 28, 2012

September Favourites!

Whoo! My virgin first 'Favourites' post!

I've never done one, but watched a bajillion on youtube and read a few on blogs and wanted to try one out~
Most of the ones I read are cosmetics based but we're going the whole spectrum~ Click See more to see more!!

So firstly Music:

The three albums which I have been loving this month are definitely Alice Nine's '9', Alice Nine's 'Zekkeishokku' and the GazettE's Traces Best

I think I did blog posts about them respectively~

My favourite songs from the albums are;

  • Corona (Zekkeishoku): It is an amazing intorduction song and creates such a mellow mood. It's one of my favourite Alice Nine songs of all time and I love that it just winds a warmth around you when you hear it. 

  • Hello World (9): When I first heard this song I was not sure how to feel, the poetry felt very smooth and suave and I really loved the flow but I just didn't know, maybe the bass was a little too obvious (?) But as the pace picked up in the song Wow! Definite amazing, love the beat that Nao did and the guitar reall felt orchestral with the layering Hiroto did solo.

So I'll name more in later posts but those are definitely on repeat!

With the warming up weather I'm far more prone to wearing shorts, but I have chunky legs so tighter ones...just make me look ultra flabby.
These green militaristic style shorts are so comfy and airy so that if I'm wearing a tighter top ( There I usually wear a blouse and these underneath, they lengthen my legs and make them look less...chunky. And I added some extra studs on the rim, I want to add some more~

My double sided Keep Calm and Listen to Alice Nine/the GazettE bag has followed me wherever I go, The size holds all of my shazam but the only problem is that I made the straps too small, so if I was to remake one, definitely longer straps!

With my study break, I've revived my love for Taiko no Tatsujin, Ahh I love this game!! Been playing the 'adventure' mode per say and I really enjoy the game~ a great chillout game. Favourite songs to play are Heavy Rotation by AKB48 and Mr. by KARA.

For earrings, I'm pretty nonchalant, really I'll walk out of the house with whatever I grab first but one of the maid incentives for getting my ears pierced originally were these earrings~
They're super long and dangly but because the chain is in that tough black colour and the wings are the vintage-y colour I love them. Making jewellery is really really fulfilling~

Onto makeup/skincare Whoo!

So with the changing weather I've been trying to keep my oily/combo skin moisturised and still not too oily. I've been using my Laniege Snow Water Face mask about once or twice a week and It's been showing. My skin is more moisturised and although with the heat still becomes oily, it has lessened a little. (yayy)

My Rimmel Lip stick in Coral in Gold and Guest List have been interchanged and I really love thme both >3< I don't know some days the vibrant Coral and some days a more natural Pinky Guest (that name really didn't fit...)

Every since buying the Waterproof BBCream by The Face Shop I have used it almost everyday!! It is super long lasting and has SPF50+/PA+++ so really good for the Australian sun. It's not heavy at all and doesn't insulate like my other ones (namely Lioele).

And I think that's it... A realy long post but I just want to express some of my opinions...

Talking about another post where I mentioned losing things between my mattress and bed frame... I just found my white eyeshadow there. I've been looking for it for about a week :/

This week while procrastinating I managed to clean my cosmetics drawer whoo! From CLUTTER to...

 Organised Clutter. Sorry for the shaky photo ><

On a leaving note I wanted to burn a candle today so I put it in a teacup so it wouldn't catch on anything...

Now I have a tea light!

Tell me if you like these posts ^^

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