Saturday, September 15, 2012

September means.....

...Quite a few things to me this year,

I'm graduating High School next week on Wednesday,
My Year 12 formal is on the Thursday
More blogging because I'll be home more often studying,, and realistically, blogging is a good time out of my mind
Reviews, (Haha where did my BBCream one go?!?)
and more
Crafty Goodness!!


Here's the random part,
For some reason, when I lose something, is always ends up being in between my mattress and my bedframe, first my cosplay top...then my wallet.... Gosh I need to tidy my forest room!!


What have I been listening to recently?

Funny story attached actually. When I first got into Alice Nine, Gemini had only just been released, and then really, it was never my favourite song. Now that I own the album I really love it and feel that I have gotten into is more thoroughly. Both Gemini and Kowloon 9Heads Rodeo Show (another song I was never the biggest fan of, on their album Zekkeishokku) have been blasting in my house all the time. Ahh My tastes have changed a little ^^
Like with Hana, never really liked it until i watched Alice Nine Channel in September last year when the Staff played it !

For now we enjoy <3 p="p">

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