Friday, September 28, 2012

With everything going on I've culminated a few things~

Quite a few things ^^''

This passage is slightly off topic:
I've noticed that my writing style had really taken a turn since I started this blog. Originally I was influenced by bloggers like Cathe Holden, mairuru and Crafterholic to make a blog to show some of my own ideas and I've really been enjoying my experience. But over time my writing style has changed. I tried to imitate this matured blogger style as seen in my Notepad tutorial from way-back and really for me, it just felt fake. Now I think I've become more open with the way that I express ideas and convey them here, although in some cases I may sound juvenile and naive~ I like it. 
Although I may abuse the swish~~ button and add emoticons to help assist in my explanations, Please Please still follow this blog as recently I've found that it has been a good method of procrastination expressing my own ideas and my interests. Thank-you ^o^

So yay September!!

So to start off one of the first purchases I made was...//drum rolllll (Please Click more to read on!!)

the GazettE's Traces Best 2005-2009 Yayyyyy!! I've been pining for this album for a long while and finally it was in stock at Media Asia so I popped in and bought my copy >3< I was harrassing the store clerk for a long long time to get it ordered so really happy. My favorite tracks are; reila, Hyena, Guren, and the Invisible Wall. I would have loved to Taion and Chizuru to be on the album, but alas~

Next on the list is my Revlon Colourstay Whipped which I paid $35 for at Priceline..and is now on special for $25
 :/ not happy. Love the product but I hate the ridiculous prices of cosmetics in Australia.

At Chemist Warehouse there was a 'clearance' box where last season's stock was being sold and I quickly picked up the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows. Two golden colours, one is more 'rich' than the other. Usually they're $20 each but I paid $7 for them each, still a bit much. but you really don't need a lot, super pigmented.

I also bought another Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick, this time a pinkier colour in 012 Guest List. Very natural on my lips as I have pretty pigmeted lips. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing ._. I don't look amazing with nude lips lets say.

And I think that was about everything.....or thereabouts~

Alice Nine Channel is tonight hehe~ Must watch it ^^ Tora's birthday channel, gosh it feels like I haven't stayed up for Alice Nine Channel for yonks~

I'm doing my September favourites post (I've never done a favourites post!) in an hour or so as I wait for Alice Nine Channel hehe

Until then~ 


  1. have u done an unboxing video of the gazette traces ?? do u get a photobook with it ???

  2. No I didn't sorry >< I was too excited and unwrapped it out of home. There was no booklet with photos in it but I did get the cover booklet with the lyrics inside :) I am getting Rock and Read Eyes 002 so you may see a post about that magazine~ And they are releasing the book Decade wit lots of photos and interviews so check that out ^o^