Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello!! Some updates!

So for the past week I've been studying (and completing) my HSC~ On monday I had my English exam and today I had my second English exam on my modules~

Not too bad //touch wood//

Aside from that I really haven't done anything, pitiably.

I'm actually really excited for post-HSC 'freedom'. Hopefully I'll be getting a job and working more so I can save up.

I also have Volume 43 of Rock and Read and Rock and Read Eyes 002 waiting for my at Kinokuniya to pickup haha~

I'm looking at buying some older copiesof SHOXX online to I'll have to wait and see when I have a job ^^

2 exams down so far

4 to go;
Extension 1 English
Legal Studies
Society and Culture.

On the 6th of November at 4:05 ( a bit of leeway) I'm free!!!! Soo excited

Really my first day of freedom will be watching Anime and reading Manga. And Watching the first 5 Pokemon Movies >:D

All for now~
I'll try to blog in the meantime~
Hopefully I'll do a favourites hehe


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