Monday, November 26, 2012

Interwebs Inspiration~

During my break I've crossed over a few blogs which have really really gotten me back into my Crafting 'roots'.

First of all I was following Kirsten Nunez from Studs and Pearls and came across her DIY Tassel Bracelet and totally fell in love with the design! I decided to make two of my own and am really really happy with their outcome ^o^

I didn't have any clear elastic so I used some thin black elastics I had lying around~
But all in all pretty happy!

About a week (or two ago) dad and I were at the shops and one of the food stalls was giving samples of an Avocado dip. I asked the lady what it was made of and was determined to make some! It was just sooo good!!

So today finally I tore into an Avocado, added 100g Feta Cheese, about a teaspoon of Lemon juice (Add more if necessary), the stalk of some Shallots and a little red Onion finely diced and Viola! It was so nice on rice crackers to do try it out!

About 10 minutes ago I was browsing Pinterest (My username is Ariviya if you want to check out my boards~ They're pretty Asian/Crafty-esque) and I saw these gorgeous Bow Headwraps on All About Ami

So now I have the sudden urge to made ear muffler head the middle of the Aussie Summer. But I've started knitting now (Although Stephanie is crocheting, but I can't find my crochet hook so I'll have to knit it...) and fingers crossed I'll be done by the winter.

About 2 minutes ago I was blog surfing, as I do, and I came across these body scrubs and the lemon one piqued my interest. One minute later I'm in the kitchen mixing ingredients and I now have it made and ready to use :)

Because I'm on my break and kind of in limbo because I don't have a job yet I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky to pass the time~ Gosh I love the game!! It's probably my 2nd playthrough of Sky and fourth if you count my plays of MD Explorers of Time too~ I just LOVE the series~

I'm gonna get sah emotional ;o; But yeah, there is a part in the game when I do start to choke up and I'm nearing... This cannot be too good for my heart.

Last but definitely not least~
Toxic is a Korean Band which has really really gotten my attention!

Their debut song Lonely I LOVE! I love the way they play and it has that uniqueness which some KRock bands (I find) lack~
Not to mention the guitarist is playing on a Starry Night guitar!
Here's their PV if you haven't seen it yet~ and let me just mention I have the mini album and the whole thing ROCKS!

So there's my week of inspiration~ Please comment yours, I'd love to know~

I'll talk soon ^o^


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Japanese Film Festival!!!

So yesterday was the screening of Rurouni Kenshin at the 16th Sydney Japanese film festival. R0lan from the Warping Penguin, her sister and friends

Funny story.
As I got on the train at Mulgrave and found my way to my seat I overheard a gentleman saying to another how he was going to sing some Chinese songs on YouTube and his favourite artist was the majestic Jolin Tsai. I just was fascinated by his interest in Chinese music and his passion toward the invisible language barrier. He was saying that although he did not understand the songs the artists were able to produce sounds where their emotions were felt through the songs and that really makes me happy.
After he got off of the train I also had an interesting conversation with a gentleman and he was talking about the quirkiness of people and the way that people can be wuite unpredictable in the world~ As well as asking about what I'd been doing~ Such a lovely person, Thank-you for talking with me Stephen ^o^

I love having conversations with people on trains, it really makes society seem more approachable~

 All excited and ready!!
Soo... I got off at Central station and headed straight to Daiso~ It's so beautiful and I'm a sucker for $2.80 everything! Seriously. I got into the stationery section and my eyes just widened *A* STATIONERYYYY!!
And then, they were just taunting me. They played Alice Nine's Niji No Yuki on the overhead speakers. Oh my gosh. Yes I actually said that. And yes, the girls infront of me looked at me strangely. //hatersgonnahate//
Daiso really knows how to incite my shopping with Alice Nine.

So definitely check it out if you're in the area~ Daiso is my new love~

Dawww! So many young people crowded around to take photos of these babes!

The posters for JFF!! Haha it really got me in the mood for Rurouni Kenshin!

Even at Kinokuniya it was being advertised!

Kyary really suits teal hair!! I'd love to find a nice wig that colour >3<

AN CAFE!!! So Nurul and I met at Kinokuniya~ Whooo! To explore ~

She was given this paper flower on the train! Too cute >3< It was really well made too!

After meeting up with everyone~ It was Nurul, Adlina, Afiqah, Sam and myself as wer proceeded to look for a place to get dinner~ So helpfully Mizuya was just in the right spot!!

Our orders!

I had the Wagyu Beef Fried Rice with Omlette sushi~ It was delicious!

This guy was so awesome! He was really good at playing and even posed for photos! Thank-you ^o^

Taking photos of our tickets!! We were so excited haha!

Once we got our drinks we were informed that the movie would be delayed half an hour because of technical difficulties so we all went for a wander to get out of the stuffieness of the Even Cinema lobby~ Seriously all of those people gathered there, it was so hot! And what better way to wander than CAKE! Afiqah and I fangirled about Antique Bakery here *A* the Bishounenss

Another blurry photo of the Kenshin Guitarist!!

We were soo excited for the film!! It really was so good!

The line into the theater was so long, of course it made sense seeing as though the screening was FULLY BOOKED OUT! The second screening was too!

All in all the film was AMAZING. I really really loved it. Maybe i'm going through film withdrwal, seeing as though the last movie I saw in cinemas was 'The King's Speech" but I was really pleased with the production quality of the film. I felt that regardless, i you could pick any frame of the film, in itself it would be a masterpiece, so the camera shots were just so well directed and edited together. Sato Takeru was PERFECT for Kenshin, down to the small nuances he really hit the character on the spot. I did feel that characterisation felt a little rushed, but I guess that it's inevitable in a film, especially an adaptation~ I really loved the score, although at some parts it seemed a little over bearing, most of the time it really created the suspense that the film needed and with that I really really recommend the film to anyone, whether you're an anime/manga/Japanese film fan or not I really think that the notion behind the film is universal and the plot is coherent.

My eyes all smudged after the film~ I got SUPER emotional, I think I freaked Nurul out with the waterfall of emotions erupting from my eyes ;o;

12:36 in the morning at Parramatta~ and I had to get off at Blacktown to get driven home. No more trains to Richmond way x.x

The lonely platform at Blacktown~ From there I met up with dad and I drove home~
All in all it was a great day/night out and it was awesome not just seeing the film but also hanging out with Nurul, Adlina, Afiqah and Sam! Thank-you!

All for now~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple: Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser Review

Haha finally a review!

So I just finished my bottle of the Simple: Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser (Shortened down to Simple for this post) and I really loved it!
I originally received the bottle as a Christmas present from one of my family friends and I'm so grateful for them to introduce me to this brand.

So the review.
Personally I really loved it. I found it was easy to absorb into my skin and didn't feel all alcoholy. I'd use it of an evening to control oils and it worked pretty well!
I personally don't have sensitive skin but because it doesn't contain any perfumes I'd definitely recommend it for those whom may have it.

- Easily absorbed into skin
- Great for people with sensitive skin
- No perfume
- Has a really nice cooling effect!

- None at all! (Just doesn't last the 12 hours on the bottle)

Definitely! I think it's really comfy on the skin and maybe I'll buy the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating light Moisturiser which i do have a few mini samples of and Love as well!

Just a quick note~ Now that my bottle is empty and I cannot get any product out what I decided to do is fill is about 1/4 way with water and shake-it up just to make a cleansing lotion of sorts with the left overs~
No wastage!

That's all~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Retail Therapy

Ahh~ Yesterday I went out with Anita and we hit the shops for some Post HSC retail therapy!

Actually I also had 2 magazines at Kinokuniya which had been waiting for me for about 2 months haha!!

So at about 8:30 caught the train up to Town Hall. Popped into the Missha store to have a look at some lipsticks, none of which really caught my eye so I passed in that department.
Quickly went into Gloss to buy a which Automatic eyeliner~ I have a light blue one and it's super creamy, really great for the waterline!

At The Face Shop I had an amazing time. I really don't say this a lot when I go shopping but especially this time I really have to. I entered The Face Shop at around 10:30ish and the store assistant was busy cleaning so I allowed her to continue. Whilst I was looking through products she was so helpful in directing me toward the ones which she'd recommend for my skin and really made my experience so enjoyable. We did talk about Asian products and a range of different brands, not exclusively The FAce Shop. All in all she was so helpful and kind in directing me to the right products and even talking to me about some others. ^o^
 When I got home I did post this on The Face Shop Facebook Wall:

"Hello, I just want to say how pleased I am with the customer service at the Town Hall The Face Shop (I have not been to the others yet,). This morning I was served by Ms. Imai and she was so helpful in assisting me in finding the best products for my skin. This is not to mention the many other times which I have visited the store and all of the shop assistants have given me some of the greatest service. I am definitely recommending your store to anyone and everyone as you really, not only have some of my favourite products but also some of the friendliest staff.

Thank-you so much again and I will definitely visit again some time ^o^

I just cannot express how happy I am with their service ^^ So I decided to buy the E'thym O2 Water lotion and also the Herb Day 365 Cleaning Foam in Lemon.

Next I had to rush up to Kinokuniya to go pick up my books and meet up with Anita who was waiting for me at Central~ So I got my copy of Rock and Read 43 and Rock and Read Eyes2 And also I got a volume of CD Detta~ Yayy~ (But so expensive x.x)

I did see this volume of Rock and Read and was sooo close to buying it >< Already spending over budget!

Once I met up with Anita  we walked around Market City where I went into Typo and decided to buy....

The Mail Bag in Frankie~ LOVE the colour so much! I was lucky to get it on sale for $20 ahh! Delighted!

At Media Asia was tossing up between INFINITIZE or Perfume's Love the World album but gave into INFINITE (Probably more for the price as it was only $18! Wheras Perfume's album was around $35)

At the Asian bread store I got a Coffee Cake which is DEVINE!

Linch was Sweet and Sour Pork in Sussex St food court~ The food is inexpensive and pretty good!!

Anita and I saw PSY on a telegraph pole advertising English classes Haha!!

Mucking around on the escalators at World Square~

Event Cinemas!! I'll be there next Wednesday for the Japanese Film Festival to watch Ruroni Kenshin with R0lan from The Warping Penguin!! Soo Excited!!

It god rainy on the way home~ Not the most enjoyable walk with 3 bags but I got home eventually with some blisters x.x

My three bags going home~ The Kinokuniya bag had my books, CD, cream, The Face Shop haul, my Mint green shirt from Paper Scissors. My Yaoi bag (Hope noone here knows Japanese D;) had my Typo bag in it, BAGCEPTION! and my flight travel bag had my personal belongings 

Our Purikura Photos!! I think everytime we've gone out togetther we've done photos!!

My Paper scissors bag and The Face Shop bag~

A mint blouse from Paper Scissors for only $10!!~ Really love the chiffon trend now, especially because Chiffon is so comfortable~

A peach hand cream from Tony Moly!! Ohh My Ahh!!! It just smells AMAZING! I cannot explain how good it smells. When this one rund out I'm definitely getting another! I actually had seen it a few times but after hearing positive reviews of it by Jenn from Clothes Encounters I decided to buy it and I'm so happy!

And some samples from The Face Shop ^o^

All in all it was a fun day~ A good relax and it's always nice ot go into the city and exploare haha~

Next blog post soon!!