Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yess~ Ahh freedom tastes good!!

So yesterday was my final HSC exam and it was Society and Culture~

And Now I'm free~~ Sorta kinda

I still have work and I have yet to sign out of school.

Today I'm burning all of my notes from school, so I'll definitely post some on here later tonight of he aftermath~

My last post was about the ABU Song festival and in all honesty it was alright I guess. A little disappointed that they didn't have a country voting system like Eurovision, I really love that part.

A really great summary of the event is at R0lan's The Warping Penguin I definitely agree with her that it was a little disappointing with the amount of cheering for TVXQ and lack there of for all of the other nations.

I guess with the first year ^^ It's a test~

So anyway~ I'll post another post later tonight about my progress and some small things,

Adios till then~

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