Monday, November 26, 2012

Interwebs Inspiration~

During my break I've crossed over a few blogs which have really really gotten me back into my Crafting 'roots'.

First of all I was following Kirsten Nunez from Studs and Pearls and came across her DIY Tassel Bracelet and totally fell in love with the design! I decided to make two of my own and am really really happy with their outcome ^o^

I didn't have any clear elastic so I used some thin black elastics I had lying around~
But all in all pretty happy!

About a week (or two ago) dad and I were at the shops and one of the food stalls was giving samples of an Avocado dip. I asked the lady what it was made of and was determined to make some! It was just sooo good!!

So today finally I tore into an Avocado, added 100g Feta Cheese, about a teaspoon of Lemon juice (Add more if necessary), the stalk of some Shallots and a little red Onion finely diced and Viola! It was so nice on rice crackers to do try it out!

About 10 minutes ago I was browsing Pinterest (My username is Ariviya if you want to check out my boards~ They're pretty Asian/Crafty-esque) and I saw these gorgeous Bow Headwraps on All About Ami

So now I have the sudden urge to made ear muffler head the middle of the Aussie Summer. But I've started knitting now (Although Stephanie is crocheting, but I can't find my crochet hook so I'll have to knit it...) and fingers crossed I'll be done by the winter.

About 2 minutes ago I was blog surfing, as I do, and I came across these body scrubs and the lemon one piqued my interest. One minute later I'm in the kitchen mixing ingredients and I now have it made and ready to use :)

Because I'm on my break and kind of in limbo because I don't have a job yet I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky to pass the time~ Gosh I love the game!! It's probably my 2nd playthrough of Sky and fourth if you count my plays of MD Explorers of Time too~ I just LOVE the series~

I'm gonna get sah emotional ;o; But yeah, there is a part in the game when I do start to choke up and I'm nearing... This cannot be too good for my heart.

Last but definitely not least~
Toxic is a Korean Band which has really really gotten my attention!

Their debut song Lonely I LOVE! I love the way they play and it has that uniqueness which some KRock bands (I find) lack~
Not to mention the guitarist is playing on a Starry Night guitar!
Here's their PV if you haven't seen it yet~ and let me just mention I have the mini album and the whole thing ROCKS!

So there's my week of inspiration~ Please comment yours, I'd love to know~

I'll talk soon ^o^


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