Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Loves!!

2012 is almost gone, with the New Year Fireworks in the midst for tonight's festivities, what have we loved from 2012?   Here is a concise list  of the things I've loved in 2012~

What have I loved smelling?

I love scents and the sense of smell but in the area of perfumes, I really don't own many. I own a Givenchy Lovely Prism which I'm kicking myself over because I want to buy another bottle....but it was a limited edition perfume...I bought in Japan :/

Aside from that I've discovered one of the most amazing smells and it's in the Imperial Leather Avocado and White Pear body wash and man, it smells amazing. If I could, I'd wash my clothes in the body wash so they smell as good as it does. I love that it's light but still lingers and it's so refreshing! I just with that the body wash was a little more effective in staying onto the body so I could smell like it forever!

I also love the smell of roast dinners, which gets me onto the next topic....

What have I loved tasting?

Roast dinners I think are pretty classic on any omnivore's list. I love the smell of baking potato, pumpkin and onion which wafts through the house. It's warm and comforting of home~
I've also loved eating grilled fish this year in particular~ Not to say I don't usually like eating fish but it never really appealed to me cooking it in the grill with salt and other seafood seasonings before~so delicious! ^o^

I have 3 favourite drinks of the year. One is Aloe Vera Juice~ especially the Lychee flavoured ones by Yoos. It's just so good I had a bottle today!

I love lychees but I never  really get to eat them because they're apparently not good for people with sensitive skin and can cause breakouts. Boo!

I've also loved the chains Easyway and ChaTime~
I especially love the Honeydew and Lychee Jelly shakes they have and the Bubble Milk tea! Pretty typical Asian I know but they're just soo good!

What have Loved hearing?

Aside from the songs and artist on my "Top Songs of 2012" list, honorable mentions also go to; Sunny Hill (GrassHopper Song), Alice Nine (like their whole discography haha), the GazettE (The whole of DIVISION rocked!), CNBLUE (Ear Fun), Kim Sunggyu (Another Me), INFINITE's (INFINITIZE), Yuki Kajiura's works are all just perfect. ^^

What have I loves experiencing?

Duke Of Edinburgh, days out with friends and school have really been the limelight for my 2012.
My experiences through the Duke of Ed scheme are irreplaceable.
The days I've had out with friends; Anita, Nurul, Natasha, Marie and the Sydney JRock Group have been amazing. I've loved everytime.
School has been the biggest rollercoaster of this year. With the great emotional ups and downs with assessments and the support I've had all around me from both peers and teachers.

One of the biggest supports I've found has definitely been on the internet. The biggest favourite and thank-you needed for 2012 is definitely for Twitter and SBSPopasia's chatbox.

To name a few the biggest thank-you and hugs and loves go out to: Rolan (N), Wilma, Paul, Beatrice, Spike, Frothy, Melissa, Jasmin, Kim, Yamasau, Nelson, Isren, Sarah, and everyone else on twitter and Jamaica, Matt, Ania and Jamie from SBSPopasia. Thank-you. Thank-you for believing in me in the times I was so shaken and really lifting me up when I needed it.

Thank-you R0lan for becoming a true friend of mine, on and off of the internet. The times at SMASH, the short meeting at Animania and watching Rurouni Kenshin alongside our conversations on twitter have really made this year. You've been such an amazing support and I cannot thank-you enough for (at some necessary times) giving me a great reality check. I'll never forget bullying the guy in the line for Sakura Tange's autograph and our faces when we got out tickets for Kenshin!! You've become like the older sister I never had and I cannot wait for next year!

Wilma, although we've only met for this year I'm so grateful that we did. You're one of the nicest most caring persons I've ever met. I cannot express how much I appreciate your love and care and the support and encouragement you've given me has really really made me look forward. You've truly become like an older sister to me and I cannot wait to have a great meet-up and thank you in person ^^

Paul it has been amazing watching your travels to Korea and thank-you so much for sharing those videos. after your interview in Korea I'm convinced you're famous!! Haha~ Thank-you for supporting me and keeping me grounded this year. We've had some fascinating conversations for sure and they've really inspired me to look at different electives in University for sure (especially sociology ^^)

Beatrice! Hiya Sis!!! We've gone through the HSC and we beat it! We survived!! You've really become a great friend and I'm so glad to have met you this past year ^o^ Your upbeat mood always brightens my day and I can always look forward to seeing you fangirl, because (don't kill me for this) you're the biggest Kpop Phan I know ;D I cannot wait for next year and maybe Uni together!

Spike, you've been like an uncle and a mentor who gives me the advice from the real world. You make sure that I know reality and how to survive in society! I hope that my expectations aren't too high for next year! Whoo societyy! But thank-you for supporting me and wishing me all of the luck I've needed!

Thank-you Melissa so much for being there to fangirl with me over Nell! It's funny how niche music brings people together ^o^ I'm sure that if I ever get a change to go to SKorea I'm dragging you with me and we're going to their concert!! I've loves reading your shorts and I cannot wait to read the more that come next year! May inspiration thrive <3 p="p">
And to everyone else Thank-you! I wish I could write so much for everyone but I cannot fathom the number of people and the amount I'd need to write.

So what do we look forward to for 2013?

School. More of it. But I'm excited.
Blogging. I hope so. I really want to make a routine for my blog, although I suck at routines I want to create more structure.
Work. I need a proper constant job ^^ I need an income with what I've been needing for next year (I hope my textbooks aren't too expensive!!)
And everything else I cannot predict.
But that's half, if not all the fun~ ^^

So what are my New Years resolutions?
I'm not good with organizing and keeping to programs but the main few are:
To keep writing in my diary. I've never managed to keep a constant diary and hopefully this year will be the year. I really want to maintain one for one year atleast.
To develop better organisational skills. That includes managing work, keeping the state of my room clean and blogging ^^
To blog at a more constant rate. I love blogging it's a great form of relaxation for me and I always love people's replies to my posts :)
To do well in Uni. I think that's a given ^^'
and.... the obligatory: Lose weight. Namely so that I can flatter my cosplay for 2013 more!

I've already written my letter to myself in 3 years so that's off the list~
It's actually a really interesting experience.

(I have no idea why dad wasn't in the photo....)

So to 2013 we go.
We'll have times which raise us high, and times which will bring us down to our knees. But we have to persevere.
Because only then will we make it to 2014 and 2015 and 2016.


I'm going to watch the fireworks on TV now~
Good Night <3 p="p">
Happy New Year


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Olivia's Top Songs of 2012!

I've been inspired by N at The Warping Penguin to write a "Top Songs of 2012" list ^^

I really love compiling lists like these, it really makes me contemplate the songs (or whatever the list is based upon) and also in a way review the year that was~
So the list!

Starting at number 8 because there are a lot of 'ties' so the numbers are a little funny haha.

Hopeless Valentine - NELL

So this year has opened my eyes to the most amazing band Nell. They are definitely climbing up the ladders of my favourite artists and their album Slip Away released this year truly explains why. The overall foreboding and melancholic emotion within the music and the lyrics immediately draws my attention and if I could, all of the 10 songs of the album would be here but alas, there can only be 10 of the top 10 of 2012 ^^

Onto number 7!

This song is more of a revival than a new song of 2012. It's

Hana - Alice Nine

You may argue, Hey that song was released in 2009 but you know what...I actually didn't like it so much when I first heard it. It was only after really getting into Alice Nine Channel and the 'lovely' staff's efforts to continuously play the song that I really got a better feel for it. Ironic I know but that's me ^^

Number 6 (should be an Alice Nine song just for the symbolism but.....) is

Angel - EXO-M

And yes, I am biased. I definitely think that the Chinese version sounds better than the Korean. It just has that feeling of jarred fluidity. Oxymoron I know but I somehow think that works really well, and their voices stack so well~ What is Love is also great but probably hitting top 15-20 ^^

Number 5 this song, although is recent ticks all of the right boxes for me and it's

UZA - AKB48.

I'm not the biggest AKB fan. I love Namida See-Saw Game, Beginner and Heavy Rotation and a few others but UZA really shone out for me this year. I love the intensity of it and how it's quite different to their other music. While some of their other songs I can sometimes feel are too "choir-esque" UZA seems to make a really intense song with the choir overlay and the cohesion of voices they're know greatly for ^^

Off to number 4 which is a tie between

The Chaser - INFINITE

Let me just say (as an "Inspirit") WOW! The song still has the INFINITE style electro-pop background with the MV a host to their great dance sequences (Which I admit are not as intense as Be Mine or Come Back to Me). Their mini album I actually own and really love all of the songs contained on it. They are varied but still have that similar INFINITE/Woollim feel to them ^^ Kinda homely~


Lonely - TOXIC

Now don't let the name of this two-man Korean rock band put you off, they are AMAZING. Especially for their member numbers ^^
The whole mini album First Bridge is great. I really love their mix between Electronic and Rock and it creates a really intense debut. The composition is great as none of the tracks feel out of place and the main title track, Lonely is just amazing. I love tempo changes in songs and I love them especially when they are executed well (see a little later ^^).

Number 3 is also a tie, by 2 songs actually~

The first song is...

Beautiful Stranger - NELL

Wow, how do I explain this song....
It's harbours emotions of that of loneliness and also, what I think at least, of hope and a sense of wonder. The sweet irony of the song is that love is hopeless but the song makes it out in a very bitter sweet NELL style way~

The Day Before - NELL

The title track for their album Slip Away has to be one of my favourite songs of the year, if not all time. The beat is feels like a car hanging off of a cliff which could topple over anytime whilst the lyrics (although I understand virtually no Korean) are hauntingly beautiful and once I read the translation really stuck in my head The depth of the layers of the song, from the heart wrenching Violins straining like the fleeting life in the MV to the beat and tempo which stays virtually constant till the song reaches it's climax repeating "This is all that I can say". I really cannot express enough praise for the song, band, compilation of MV, album and track listing and also Woollim for giving Nell their long awaited (and totally worth it) comeback.
And the song is performed just as good if not better live!
I just love it and the album and their new single too which just didn't make the list but I still harbour intense love and 'feels'.

At number 2 are two songs by the same artist~ Can you guess who?

Le Grand Bleu - Alice Nine

This song became one of my favourites after I heard the live version, that is the Tokyo Galaxy Live version and wow did it skyrocket up to my top songs. I love songs that have an edge, and not only does this song have an edge but it's clean and sharp and has amazing force.  I love songs that send shivers down your spine (as all the ones in my top 10 do ^^) and especially songs which send reverberations into your body. I love feeling all of the dimensions of music and this song just exemplifies them.

The second song vying for number 2 is

SuBeTe E - Alice Nine

This song, the title track to their 2012 album 9, has been played so many times, on my; computer, laptop, ipod, in mum's car, everywhere. I love it!

It not only has a tempo change, but a really effectively used one. The tempo change gives the songs a climax point and the intensity of Nao's drumming gives the song the ooomph to push it till the end where it not only draws the sing but the whole album 9 to a very solid close.

At first place is a song that holds a very important place in my heart and it's

Corona - Alice Nine

Let me explain myself. This year I purchased the limited edition version of Zekkeishokku and I love it. Not only aesthetically but also the songs compiled on it. There's nothing typical, nothing generic, everything is pure Alice Nine goodness ^^
My favourite song on the album (if not favourite song of all time) is Corona.
As an opening piece to the album, it totally blows my mind away. Its serene but the tempo change gives it so much energy. The serenity is so joyous and overwhelming it really pushes me onto the brink of tears.

This song embodies what I love about music and in that it really defines the reason as to why this song is my favourite song.

Not only looking at this song as a part of a masterpiece of an album but also from an artist who truly paints with musical notes and their instruments. The soft beat from Nao's drumming really exemplifies Shou's voice and Tora and Hiroto's guitars. With that Saga's bass really really brings it all together and mellows the whole song a solid few notches giving it it's not only serene feeling but also it's sense of awe.

If I had a time machine, the first thing I would do would be to go to Alice Nine's Tokyo  Galaxy Live to hear Corona (and Le Grand Bleu) live. Not only to hear the songs themselves but to be in the arena where the emotions of the band are cast upon the audience. That's what I truly want to feel. I want to hear, taste, smell, touch and see the music, and yes it is possible ^^

So that encompasses my favourite songs of 2012 and a (I hope not boring) background as to why they made the list.

I'm very excited for 2013, in the musical scene as I can already hear rumours of comeback singles and what not, many of which I'm deeply anticipating~

I'm going to make another post tomorrow about my favourite products of 2012 so please look out for it ^^


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

(Post-) Boxing Day Sales Haul

Ah, whatta day~

Today I gave into the hype and went post-boxing day sale shopping. I'm too scared to go into the city so Mum, Kevin and I ended up venturing to Penrith instead. My ulterior motive in the whole thing was to pop into the fabric stores there and get some more velvet. I've truly fallen for the feeling of velvet and now I'm determined to make a cardigan and a cosplay out of it haha.

I was this close to taking some photos of the hoards of people at but really i didn't want to pull my camera out in case of people bumping and everything. IT was just far too busy~
At Myer I was looking at the clothes section and as lovely as some of the clothing there is, i just think it is far too overpriced so I just left them be. Especially those shoes I saw last time ;o; So gorgeous, but waayyyy out of my price range.

Fortunately though, the Revlon counter was having a sale of 30% off  so I was a little more willing to pay that price than the (extremely over priced) 'regular retail price'. It was jam packed at Myer though, people everywhere and it took  me a solid 20 minutes to be served, luckily the lady serving me was really nice ^^

Onto the fabric store on Henry St where I bought a few meters of poly cotton and velvet. I had the velvet in mind to make a cardigan, although I live in a country which is hot 70% of the year. Pity I love winter and wearing cardigans.....

The poly cotton fabric I actually purchased on a whim, but when i was there I thought I'd may as well revive the plans I originally had for my He is my Master cosplay... my hair is long enough anyway and if not, I'm buying a wig for Hakurei Reimu (See Touhou) and that can work both of them.

Cotton On and lots of other stores in Penrith Westfield (anyone remember when it was still called Penrith Plaza? I still do!) were having lots of ales but nothing really piqued my interest aside from a pair of boots at Cotton On on sale for $10!! I'd actually been on the hunt for a pair of boots for school next year and they checked all of my tabs so I bought them.

Up Mulgoa Rd is the big Homemaker centre, which we actually drove past on first try and ended up almost going onto the M4...whoops. I digress.
In the Homemaker centre lies the Spotlight and Lincraft, both of which I popped into, although I only bought a rotary cutter and some brads from them as I'd already bought a lot of fabric from the store on High St.

The Chemist Warehouse there on the other had probably was picking at my wallet....
They were having a 50% off sale on cosmetics so of course I stocked up on Revlon, Maybelline and one Rimmel Lipstick. I don't usually buy this many cosmetics in one day but when they are on such a good sale I probably won't buy any for a long time, because I'm pretty stocked up ^^''.

So that's my post-boxing day haul. I really planned to buy some clothes....but nothing was really calling out to me and nothing I felt like I needed (although ironically I bought cosmetics).

I think in the coming day or two I'll write a review of 2012 post, quite a few things I have to write about ^^

For now~


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it ^o^

If you don't celebrate it, here's hoping you spent your public holiday well, doing what you love, and if you can, spending the day with the people whom you love~ I think, when you aren't celebrating on religious grounds, the best thing that you can do is appreciate the day in your own world with your own family and friends.

I hope everyone has had a great day, (seeing as though it's almost 9 here in eAustralia) and if you're on the other side, spend it well ^^ you only have one day for the rest of this year to mooch around like this XD
The whole family here had a really great evening lasts night (Swedes celebrate on Christmas Eve) so today really we just at around, some of us playing with our new gifts~

I'm currently blogging off of my new Tablet which I love and I really really hope to get  solid use out of next year in Uni too, I've already downloaded lots of note taking applications haha. It really makes blogging easy (I think I'm getting  a little too lazy)

New Years is coming up and right now I have absolutely zero plans. I think I'll be staying home, probably watching some Korean awards show and Alice Nine videos and Baccano! I really don't think I have the energy to go into the city to watch the fireworks, let alone be breathed upon by creepy drunk people at Milsons Point....

I've been watching copious amounts of ClothesEncounters vidoes haha. I love her style and the way she speaks is amazing. Eloquent and still edgy ^^


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I won a ClosetVoyage Giveaway!!

The title speaks for itself ^o^

Jiawa Liu, or ClosetVoyage as she is known in the interwebs, is my favourite Australian fashion blogger and I recently entered a competition on her FaceBook page~ Luckily I won, and the prize was a set of false lashed by Georgie and they're gorgeous!!!

I haven't used the lashes yet, I plan to use them on my next years cosplay for photoshoots but they're so amazingly and so detailed. I have used the lash adhesive which comes with the lashes and it's amazing! Th holding power is great and they stayed on my eyes all day with no irritation.

I'm super happy and lucky for this so thank-you both ClosetVoyage and Georgie ^o^

Sorry for the rather random post but I recieved them in the mail a few days ago and wanted to share them ^^


Books Books and more books!

New books
Old books,
Red Books
Blue Books

...I was going somewhere with this...but I don't know now~

So this post is going to be a small overview of my room's bookshelf and its hidden treasures ^^

Now that I am officially out of school I really want to get back into reading more often. I've borrowed a few books from my local library already and bought some yesterday ^^
Yesterday, in the blazing heat, Kevin, mum and I went up to Parklea Markets in order to get his iPhone screen fixed, just like so many other iPhone owners shattered his //sigh//
Whilst there I popped into Parklea Books with no real intent to buy anything....and ended up leaving with 4.. :D

Firstly thank-you so much to the shopkeeper who helped me find a book when I had neither Author name nor full title. It was "No Time for Goodbye" by Linwood Barclay and I definitely recommend it, a very good and solid read~
I also ended up purchasing the Millennium Series by the late Steig Larsson which I also love to bits. It's a great read, but definitely not for the faint hearted as it is very grotesque.

Onto the books currently living in my room~

So here's my bookshelf as a whole~ There are 6 'floors' which are in use, tow of which are a little short so they're harder to fit books into.

The top 2 shelves on the left contain miscellaneous books; from crafting to Fashion, my school magazines to crime. As well as my WD40 to condition my wigs and my two camera boxes.

The top right shelf contains all of my Japanese magazines, Japanese manga, Baccano, and books I really adore or reach out for the most~

The second top right shelf has my Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events series and Puffin books. As well as Keira Knightley's eyes in the back there from the Atonement poster.
The bottom right shelf contains knick-knacks as well as my sheet masks and Japanese/Korean Rock/Pop Albums~ (I'm planning on making a master list later ^^)

Talking about sheet masks I'd better use one tonight~ Tomorrow I go back to school for my Morning Tea~ And in the morning my ATAR will be released~ Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed!!
This morning I received my HSC marks and I'm all round pleased with them. Of course there could be improvement but I'm happy with my marks :) Can't go back in time ^^
Last night really was a breaking point though. I was so stressed over my marks that I was just crying with mum. I knew it was useless to cry but really when you feel so helpless and you're in fear of the next day what else can you really do. Now that I think, the HSC ain't the end of the world, maybe important in my life so far but nothing drastic. We can all get where we want with different pathways.

I've been listening to Nell nonstop this past week, their single Holding onto Gravity and also album Slip Away~

So everything crossed for tomorrow~

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow :O

Olivia~ ^^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up on my blogging,

Wah! I cannot believe we're already halfway into December!!
This coming week may be a true 'decider' as to what I choose to pursue next year. I've been fervently tying to get into University of Sydney for a BA/B Secondary Education course and I have all of my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for it!
My results are being released in two days, with my ATAR ranking out in 3 >< I'm so nervous and jittery about them....
With that, on Thursday I also have a morning tea at my High School, my final trip there (Maybe?) to my old HS. It'll be emotional.  I know it.

Aside from the week ahead the pas few days have been pretty packed ^^

On last Thursday Kevin and I finally put up the Christmas tree and it's already filled underneath haha!) I guess we're all getting into the festive mood.

Read more after the break!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sydney Jrock and Visual Kei group Meet up!

Whoa! I truly cannot believe it has already been a week ^^''

Time flies way to fast I say!

So last Saturday (8th) was the first every Sydney Jrock and VK group meetup, and what a meet it was!
Due to transport....namely trackwork on my train line I was only able to stay for the picnic (and not the Karaoke which was in the evening). But all in all it was such a great day! Onto the recap!

So first of all I met up with Maire at Media Asia and we walked around central popping into various shops *coughDAISO* Ehehe~

At around 3:30 we made our way up to Hyde Park where we met up with Ameera! Soon after that the admin of our group Cookie also found her way to us (Yayy!!)

I'd made a sign to hold up so that our members could find us but wasn't that helpful ^^' Cookie and I walked around the fountain carrying it....where we were photographed by some tourists haha! Maybe they thought we had ill intent! XD

Luckily Alisa, KL and WP found us, so our group was getting more and more like the group we'd recognised on Facebook. Everyone brought munchies so we were all eating well on the day~

Kwni and YN also found us easily and with that our group meet up really went underway!

From passing Jrock/VK bands' fliers to reading magazines everyone tried to interact with everyone and it really was a fun occasion~

Everyone was so nice and lovely and the best thing was, we all LOVE Jrock and Visual Kei!!

At around 6 I had to leave....but just at that time SD just arrived so we had a group photo taken together just before we left~ Thank-you Mr Photographer!

I was lucky that WP was also heading my way so we were able to catch the train together, it's always nice travelling with someone else!

All in all it was an amazing day! Thank-you to everyone who showed up and those who tried their hardest to attend <3 a="a" amazing="amazing" and="and" day="day" everyone="everyone" great="great" it="it" meeting="meeting" out="out" p="p" so="so" such="such" was="was">
Our admin Cookie established a blog for the group and made a post about the day, and you should definitely check it out!!

And last but not least we're an open group on facebook so as long as you're in Australia and have and interest in Jrock/Visual Kei you're definitely welcome to join!

All for now~~


Monday, December 10, 2012


We're already eleven days into December!! I really cannot believe it at all!!

Where did November go?!?!?

I'm currently writing my post for the Sydney Jrock and Visual Kei Group meet up so please stay tuned for that!!

So we're already in December hey, Wow.

On last Friday mum and I headed out to Penrith to get some fabric~

We really didn't go with plans to make anything, aside from a baby blanket for my next door neighbour who is currently pregnant >3< Soo excited to see the baby!

I ended up picking up a lot of fusible interfacing, because the stash I had lying around earlier was down to its last centimeters!

I also purchased some cotton fabric to make the blanket ~ That way it's nice and breathable~

Lastly I picked up a little less than a meter of black Velvet and some Pink, rather heavyweight, fabric. The velvet I'd intended to make shorts.... which.... today I have successfully (As well as an Infinity scarf with the remainder fabric~)! I am so so happy with the outcome as I'd never made bottom wear before and never ever been brave enough to use Velvet with my sewing machine, I can safely say I love these shorts and they'll definitely pop around in later blog posts!

The heavy weight dirty pink fabric on the other hand is for a Miku cosplay and it's the fighter outfit from Senbonsakura PV~

I love love love the song and the clothing in it is amazing! I'll update my cosplay list for 2013 soon so you'll understand why I'm particularly choosing this outfit rather than the others ^^
I was *indicates with fingers* this close to buying some faux leather/vinyl to make boot covers for another cosplay.....but I'm too scared haha....

I'm looking out to get some pumps like these (Which I spotted at Myer and fell in love with BUT I'm definitely not playing $180 for them :/) to wear~ Definitely do tell me some places so I can keep searching ~

So that's for all so far~
I'm fervently trying to write my report for Saturday's outing so please keep your eyes peeled and watch this space :)