Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Loves!!

2012 is almost gone, with the New Year Fireworks in the midst for tonight's festivities, what have we loved from 2012?   Here is a concise list  of the things I've loved in 2012~

What have I loved smelling?

I love scents and the sense of smell but in the area of perfumes, I really don't own many. I own a Givenchy Lovely Prism which I'm kicking myself over because I want to buy another bottle....but it was a limited edition perfume...I bought in Japan :/

Aside from that I've discovered one of the most amazing smells and it's in the Imperial Leather Avocado and White Pear body wash and man, it smells amazing. If I could, I'd wash my clothes in the body wash so they smell as good as it does. I love that it's light but still lingers and it's so refreshing! I just with that the body wash was a little more effective in staying onto the body so I could smell like it forever!

I also love the smell of roast dinners, which gets me onto the next topic....

What have I loved tasting?

Roast dinners I think are pretty classic on any omnivore's list. I love the smell of baking potato, pumpkin and onion which wafts through the house. It's warm and comforting of home~
I've also loved eating grilled fish this year in particular~ Not to say I don't usually like eating fish but it never really appealed to me cooking it in the grill with salt and other seafood seasonings before~so delicious! ^o^

I have 3 favourite drinks of the year. One is Aloe Vera Juice~ especially the Lychee flavoured ones by Yoos. It's just so good I had a bottle today!

I love lychees but I never  really get to eat them because they're apparently not good for people with sensitive skin and can cause breakouts. Boo!

I've also loved the chains Easyway and ChaTime~
I especially love the Honeydew and Lychee Jelly shakes they have and the Bubble Milk tea! Pretty typical Asian I know but they're just soo good!

What have Loved hearing?

Aside from the songs and artist on my "Top Songs of 2012" list, honorable mentions also go to; Sunny Hill (GrassHopper Song), Alice Nine (like their whole discography haha), the GazettE (The whole of DIVISION rocked!), CNBLUE (Ear Fun), Kim Sunggyu (Another Me), INFINITE's (INFINITIZE), Yuki Kajiura's works are all just perfect. ^^

What have I loves experiencing?

Duke Of Edinburgh, days out with friends and school have really been the limelight for my 2012.
My experiences through the Duke of Ed scheme are irreplaceable.
The days I've had out with friends; Anita, Nurul, Natasha, Marie and the Sydney JRock Group have been amazing. I've loved everytime.
School has been the biggest rollercoaster of this year. With the great emotional ups and downs with assessments and the support I've had all around me from both peers and teachers.

One of the biggest supports I've found has definitely been on the internet. The biggest favourite and thank-you needed for 2012 is definitely for Twitter and SBSPopasia's chatbox.

To name a few the biggest thank-you and hugs and loves go out to: Rolan (N), Wilma, Paul, Beatrice, Spike, Frothy, Melissa, Jasmin, Kim, Yamasau, Nelson, Isren, Sarah, and everyone else on twitter and Jamaica, Matt, Ania and Jamie from SBSPopasia. Thank-you. Thank-you for believing in me in the times I was so shaken and really lifting me up when I needed it.

Thank-you R0lan for becoming a true friend of mine, on and off of the internet. The times at SMASH, the short meeting at Animania and watching Rurouni Kenshin alongside our conversations on twitter have really made this year. You've been such an amazing support and I cannot thank-you enough for (at some necessary times) giving me a great reality check. I'll never forget bullying the guy in the line for Sakura Tange's autograph and our faces when we got out tickets for Kenshin!! You've become like the older sister I never had and I cannot wait for next year!

Wilma, although we've only met for this year I'm so grateful that we did. You're one of the nicest most caring persons I've ever met. I cannot express how much I appreciate your love and care and the support and encouragement you've given me has really really made me look forward. You've truly become like an older sister to me and I cannot wait to have a great meet-up and thank you in person ^^

Paul it has been amazing watching your travels to Korea and thank-you so much for sharing those videos. after your interview in Korea I'm convinced you're famous!! Haha~ Thank-you for supporting me and keeping me grounded this year. We've had some fascinating conversations for sure and they've really inspired me to look at different electives in University for sure (especially sociology ^^)

Beatrice! Hiya Sis!!! We've gone through the HSC and we beat it! We survived!! You've really become a great friend and I'm so glad to have met you this past year ^o^ Your upbeat mood always brightens my day and I can always look forward to seeing you fangirl, because (don't kill me for this) you're the biggest Kpop Phan I know ;D I cannot wait for next year and maybe Uni together!

Spike, you've been like an uncle and a mentor who gives me the advice from the real world. You make sure that I know reality and how to survive in society! I hope that my expectations aren't too high for next year! Whoo societyy! But thank-you for supporting me and wishing me all of the luck I've needed!

Thank-you Melissa so much for being there to fangirl with me over Nell! It's funny how niche music brings people together ^o^ I'm sure that if I ever get a change to go to SKorea I'm dragging you with me and we're going to their concert!! I've loves reading your shorts and I cannot wait to read the more that come next year! May inspiration thrive <3 p="p">
And to everyone else Thank-you! I wish I could write so much for everyone but I cannot fathom the number of people and the amount I'd need to write.

So what do we look forward to for 2013?

School. More of it. But I'm excited.
Blogging. I hope so. I really want to make a routine for my blog, although I suck at routines I want to create more structure.
Work. I need a proper constant job ^^ I need an income with what I've been needing for next year (I hope my textbooks aren't too expensive!!)
And everything else I cannot predict.
But that's half, if not all the fun~ ^^

So what are my New Years resolutions?
I'm not good with organizing and keeping to programs but the main few are:
To keep writing in my diary. I've never managed to keep a constant diary and hopefully this year will be the year. I really want to maintain one for one year atleast.
To develop better organisational skills. That includes managing work, keeping the state of my room clean and blogging ^^
To blog at a more constant rate. I love blogging it's a great form of relaxation for me and I always love people's replies to my posts :)
To do well in Uni. I think that's a given ^^'
and.... the obligatory: Lose weight. Namely so that I can flatter my cosplay for 2013 more!

I've already written my letter to myself in 3 years so that's off the list~
It's actually a really interesting experience.

(I have no idea why dad wasn't in the photo....)

So to 2013 we go.
We'll have times which raise us high, and times which will bring us down to our knees. But we have to persevere.
Because only then will we make it to 2014 and 2015 and 2016.


I'm going to watch the fireworks on TV now~
Good Night <3 p="p">
Happy New Year



  1. /finally got on a comp to comment LOL/
    Is dat ur mammi?
    bawwwww she's so cooooote lolol since you're a halfie im curious to see what ur dad looks like (since liek omg ur mother is so azn and cooote LOL sorry for being such a stalker :P/ ♥

    1. Ahh I'm sorry I didn't see your comment!! Yes it's my mum~ She's kinda typical Chinese but my dad's totally different, he looks a little 'santa claus'-esque!
      Haha I love your stalkerness <3<3