Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Books Books and more books!

New books
Old books,
Red Books
Blue Books

...I was going somewhere with this...but I don't know now~

So this post is going to be a small overview of my room's bookshelf and its hidden treasures ^^

Now that I am officially out of school I really want to get back into reading more often. I've borrowed a few books from my local library already and bought some yesterday ^^
Yesterday, in the blazing heat, Kevin, mum and I went up to Parklea Markets in order to get his iPhone screen fixed, just like so many other iPhone owners shattered his //sigh//
Whilst there I popped into Parklea Books with no real intent to buy anything....and ended up leaving with 4.. :D

Firstly thank-you so much to the shopkeeper who helped me find a book when I had neither Author name nor full title. It was "No Time for Goodbye" by Linwood Barclay and I definitely recommend it, a very good and solid read~
I also ended up purchasing the Millennium Series by the late Steig Larsson which I also love to bits. It's a great read, but definitely not for the faint hearted as it is very grotesque.

Onto the books currently living in my room~

So here's my bookshelf as a whole~ There are 6 'floors' which are in use, tow of which are a little short so they're harder to fit books into.

The top 2 shelves on the left contain miscellaneous books; from crafting to Fashion, my school magazines to crime. As well as my WD40 to condition my wigs and my two camera boxes.

The top right shelf contains all of my Japanese magazines, Japanese manga, Baccano, and books I really adore or reach out for the most~

The second top right shelf has my Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events series and Puffin books. As well as Keira Knightley's eyes in the back there from the Atonement poster.
The bottom right shelf contains knick-knacks as well as my sheet masks and Japanese/Korean Rock/Pop Albums~ (I'm planning on making a master list later ^^)

Talking about sheet masks I'd better use one tonight~ Tomorrow I go back to school for my Morning Tea~ And in the morning my ATAR will be released~ Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed!!
This morning I received my HSC marks and I'm all round pleased with them. Of course there could be improvement but I'm happy with my marks :) Can't go back in time ^^
Last night really was a breaking point though. I was so stressed over my marks that I was just crying with mum. I knew it was useless to cry but really when you feel so helpless and you're in fear of the next day what else can you really do. Now that I think, the HSC ain't the end of the world, maybe important in my life so far but nothing drastic. We can all get where we want with different pathways.

I've been listening to Nell nonstop this past week, their single Holding onto Gravity and also album Slip Away~

So everything crossed for tomorrow~

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow :O

Olivia~ ^^

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