Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up on my blogging,

Wah! I cannot believe we're already halfway into December!!
This coming week may be a true 'decider' as to what I choose to pursue next year. I've been fervently tying to get into University of Sydney for a BA/B Secondary Education course and I have all of my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for it!
My results are being released in two days, with my ATAR ranking out in 3 >< I'm so nervous and jittery about them....
With that, on Thursday I also have a morning tea at my High School, my final trip there (Maybe?) to my old HS. It'll be emotional.  I know it.

Aside from the week ahead the pas few days have been pretty packed ^^

On last Thursday Kevin and I finally put up the Christmas tree and it's already filled underneath haha!) I guess we're all getting into the festive mood.

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That's especially in my local area. There are so many houses being decorated with Christmas lighting, it really is beautiful. Some households have really pulled out the 'big guns' in setting up truly magical displays.
I think in one street there must be a competition running of sorts as all the houses are fulls decked out. ^^

On Friday I attended Hannah' birthday party at The Mean Fiddler. It was really great meeting everyone again and it's always a positive bonus when the venue serves good food!

Lately Mum has managed to get quite a decent vegetable haul form her garden. We don't have the most substantial space where we live but mum really makes it all work. One of the greatest positives I've found is that although we may not get a large haulage year round, we still have an enjoyable experience seeing them all grow ^^

I'm off to write another post about yesterday including a small book haul so please keep an eye out ^^

 ...and play Eden Eternal which is my replacement for Luna Online~ Loving this game!


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