Monday, December 10, 2012


We're already eleven days into December!! I really cannot believe it at all!!

Where did November go?!?!?

I'm currently writing my post for the Sydney Jrock and Visual Kei Group meet up so please stay tuned for that!!

So we're already in December hey, Wow.

On last Friday mum and I headed out to Penrith to get some fabric~

We really didn't go with plans to make anything, aside from a baby blanket for my next door neighbour who is currently pregnant >3< Soo excited to see the baby!

I ended up picking up a lot of fusible interfacing, because the stash I had lying around earlier was down to its last centimeters!

I also purchased some cotton fabric to make the blanket ~ That way it's nice and breathable~

Lastly I picked up a little less than a meter of black Velvet and some Pink, rather heavyweight, fabric. The velvet I'd intended to make shorts.... which.... today I have successfully (As well as an Infinity scarf with the remainder fabric~)! I am so so happy with the outcome as I'd never made bottom wear before and never ever been brave enough to use Velvet with my sewing machine, I can safely say I love these shorts and they'll definitely pop around in later blog posts!

The heavy weight dirty pink fabric on the other hand is for a Miku cosplay and it's the fighter outfit from Senbonsakura PV~

I love love love the song and the clothing in it is amazing! I'll update my cosplay list for 2013 soon so you'll understand why I'm particularly choosing this outfit rather than the others ^^
I was *indicates with fingers* this close to buying some faux leather/vinyl to make boot covers for another cosplay.....but I'm too scared haha....

I'm looking out to get some pumps like these (Which I spotted at Myer and fell in love with BUT I'm definitely not playing $180 for them :/) to wear~ Definitely do tell me some places so I can keep searching ~

So that's for all so far~
I'm fervently trying to write my report for Saturday's outing so please keep your eyes peeled and watch this space :)


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