Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I won a ClosetVoyage Giveaway!!

The title speaks for itself ^o^

Jiawa Liu, or ClosetVoyage as she is known in the interwebs, is my favourite Australian fashion blogger and I recently entered a competition on her FaceBook page~ Luckily I won, and the prize was a set of false lashed by Georgie and they're gorgeous!!!

I haven't used the lashes yet, I plan to use them on my next years cosplay for photoshoots but they're so amazingly and so detailed. I have used the lash adhesive which comes with the lashes and it's amazing! Th holding power is great and they stayed on my eyes all day with no irritation.

I'm super happy and lucky for this so thank-you both ClosetVoyage and Georgie ^o^

Sorry for the rather random post but I recieved them in the mail a few days ago and wanted to share them ^^


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