Wednesday, December 26, 2012

(Post-) Boxing Day Sales Haul

Ah, whatta day~

Today I gave into the hype and went post-boxing day sale shopping. I'm too scared to go into the city so Mum, Kevin and I ended up venturing to Penrith instead. My ulterior motive in the whole thing was to pop into the fabric stores there and get some more velvet. I've truly fallen for the feeling of velvet and now I'm determined to make a cardigan and a cosplay out of it haha.

I was this close to taking some photos of the hoards of people at but really i didn't want to pull my camera out in case of people bumping and everything. IT was just far too busy~
At Myer I was looking at the clothes section and as lovely as some of the clothing there is, i just think it is far too overpriced so I just left them be. Especially those shoes I saw last time ;o; So gorgeous, but waayyyy out of my price range.

Fortunately though, the Revlon counter was having a sale of 30% off  so I was a little more willing to pay that price than the (extremely over priced) 'regular retail price'. It was jam packed at Myer though, people everywhere and it took  me a solid 20 minutes to be served, luckily the lady serving me was really nice ^^

Onto the fabric store on Henry St where I bought a few meters of poly cotton and velvet. I had the velvet in mind to make a cardigan, although I live in a country which is hot 70% of the year. Pity I love winter and wearing cardigans.....

The poly cotton fabric I actually purchased on a whim, but when i was there I thought I'd may as well revive the plans I originally had for my He is my Master cosplay... my hair is long enough anyway and if not, I'm buying a wig for Hakurei Reimu (See Touhou) and that can work both of them.

Cotton On and lots of other stores in Penrith Westfield (anyone remember when it was still called Penrith Plaza? I still do!) were having lots of ales but nothing really piqued my interest aside from a pair of boots at Cotton On on sale for $10!! I'd actually been on the hunt for a pair of boots for school next year and they checked all of my tabs so I bought them.

Up Mulgoa Rd is the big Homemaker centre, which we actually drove past on first try and ended up almost going onto the M4...whoops. I digress.
In the Homemaker centre lies the Spotlight and Lincraft, both of which I popped into, although I only bought a rotary cutter and some brads from them as I'd already bought a lot of fabric from the store on High St.

The Chemist Warehouse there on the other had probably was picking at my wallet....
They were having a 50% off sale on cosmetics so of course I stocked up on Revlon, Maybelline and one Rimmel Lipstick. I don't usually buy this many cosmetics in one day but when they are on such a good sale I probably won't buy any for a long time, because I'm pretty stocked up ^^''.

So that's my post-boxing day haul. I really planned to buy some clothes....but nothing was really calling out to me and nothing I felt like I needed (although ironically I bought cosmetics).

I think in the coming day or two I'll write a review of 2012 post, quite a few things I have to write about ^^

For now~


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