Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sydney Jrock and Visual Kei group Meet up!

Whoa! I truly cannot believe it has already been a week ^^''

Time flies way to fast I say!

So last Saturday (8th) was the first every Sydney Jrock and VK group meetup, and what a meet it was!
Due to transport....namely trackwork on my train line I was only able to stay for the picnic (and not the Karaoke which was in the evening). But all in all it was such a great day! Onto the recap!

So first of all I met up with Maire at Media Asia and we walked around central popping into various shops *coughDAISO* Ehehe~

At around 3:30 we made our way up to Hyde Park where we met up with Ameera! Soon after that the admin of our group Cookie also found her way to us (Yayy!!)

I'd made a sign to hold up so that our members could find us but wasn't that helpful ^^' Cookie and I walked around the fountain carrying it....where we were photographed by some tourists haha! Maybe they thought we had ill intent! XD

Luckily Alisa, KL and WP found us, so our group was getting more and more like the group we'd recognised on Facebook. Everyone brought munchies so we were all eating well on the day~

Kwni and YN also found us easily and with that our group meet up really went underway!

From passing Jrock/VK bands' fliers to reading magazines everyone tried to interact with everyone and it really was a fun occasion~

Everyone was so nice and lovely and the best thing was, we all LOVE Jrock and Visual Kei!!

At around 6 I had to leave....but just at that time SD just arrived so we had a group photo taken together just before we left~ Thank-you Mr Photographer!

I was lucky that WP was also heading my way so we were able to catch the train together, it's always nice travelling with someone else!

All in all it was an amazing day! Thank-you to everyone who showed up and those who tried their hardest to attend <3 a="a" amazing="amazing" and="and" day="day" everyone="everyone" great="great" it="it" meeting="meeting" out="out" p="p" so="so" such="such" was="was">
Our admin Cookie established a blog for the group and made a post about the day, and you should definitely check it out!!

And last but not least we're an open group on facebook so as long as you're in Australia and have and interest in Jrock/Visual Kei you're definitely welcome to join!

All for now~~


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