Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shanghai Trip Part 1!

Because I took a butt-ton of photos when I was in China, I'm going to make 2 posts to hold them~

The first one begins with our departure~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holidays and backlog!

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

I'm on holidays~

I would say 'finally' but this year really has flown by far too quickly.

So many things have happened this year, new relationships, friendships, interests (hobbies etc) and just developments in life.

A lot of personal growth. At least I'd like to think that way~

Whilst my uni marks really need to improve next year   = =''  I just need the motivation to press on with assignments...

Some other updates are:

  • I've been voted the secretary for USYD's Anime Club, SUAnime ^^ I've been really really excited to work with everyone and hopefully the next year will be better than the last!
  • I've come back  from China (of course) and whilst the trip was mostly enjoyable it hit hard in the uni side...a lot.
  • I've been lurking with another person (... I wouldn't say recently,.........but...) so lots of funtimes out~

For the next blog post I'll post some of the photos I have from my Shanghai trip.
At the moment I haven't resized them at all...better get to that~

I've been updating my instagram more recently so if you're interested in checking it out, please go ahead :)

All for now, I'll probably update my blog sometime this week =3=
...seeing as though I'm going on holidays to Coffs Harbour next week ~

I'm definitely excited to go out, but I haven't been out of Sydney really.... like Canberra for excursions and such but not for a holiday so part of me is also a little nervous.

All for now (hopefully not too long ><)


Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello~ Goodbye~

Hello! And Goodbye~

I'm not leaving forever but I am going tot China in 2 days!!

It's exciting to go there, although our reason to go back is not the happiest but we still have to enjoy our trip to see everyone.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be able to make some blog posts whilst I'm there but if not then I'll try to upload, at least some photos, when I get back!

All for now~


Thursday, June 27, 2013

1 Down, 9 Semesters to Go!!

Finally I've finished my first semester of university! (Yayy!!)

I'm relieved that it passed as fast as it did but am in awe of all the things that manages to happen within it.
I've made amazing friends and joined some really amazing clubs, namely SUAnime (I love you guys).
Really, uni has become what I'd anticipated it to be like~
And yet, everyday it excites me to go there.

So far so good an I'm anticipating next sem!


Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fooled!!

Haha, surprisingly I wasn't fooled too often this year on April Fools day!!

Luckily I was gifted a very nice PV for Alice Nine's new single SHADOWPLAY by UniversalmusicJapan!!

I also played an immensely hilarious game on the League of Legends website. (Thank-you Tim for linking me to it!!)


It's pretty fun and whilst it holds some inside LoL jokes, it's still a really fun game! ^o^

After listening to the PV fo Shadowplay I'm 100% sure I'll be buying this single too haha~
Daybreak should be on the way now to my home and I'll have to wait and see what their ncxt single will have in store.

All for now~
A very very short blog post~

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to League of Legends....

...but I can safely say I've been playing it quite a bit!!

Yes, I, Olivia have been playing League of Legends~

I really really enjoy it! It's a really great way for me to release stress (or get more stressed in some situations) and interact with my friends. Some of the champions I enjoy playing (but still am not too good at) are; Ashe, Ezreal, Teemo, Jarvan IV and Quinn (and Valor). Not to mention the art in the game of some champions is absolutely AMAZING.

Sona from imgur
Diana from Leaguepedia.com

Pulsefire Ezreal From ticktockdonttouchtheclock.tumblr

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao from newsoflegends.com
Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV from newsoflegends.com
Amethyst Ashe from newsoflegends.com
More recently though, I've been watching the League of Legends Championships and Wow!! some of the players (well all of them are professionals) are so amazing! Their tactics and co-ordination really fascinate me and make me want to try harder. ^O^

I've been following some teams for a few months now that I'm getting more into League.

My favourite team is probably Team SoloMid (although they were going through some roster changes, Keep Fighting TSM and Chaox!!)

And I really really enjoy watching the streams of Voyboy (from Curse Gaming) and Phantoml0rd. Both I find are really educational and also really fun to watch.

I've also been a little starstruck today~
Maybe that's why I'm all giddy!

Today as I was watching the Good Game University vs. Team Vulcun game I noticed the mid lane player of GGU Jintae playing really amazingly. He was not only making good plays and was also helping a lot in team fights. I sent him a Tweet just congratulating him and saying he played well and I was greeted by a lovely surprise!

Haha Here's what I said to him~

 And his replies. (please read from bottom up ^o^)

Admittedly I fangirled a lot, and I can safely say I squealed a little. (Hey, I can do this, I'm human too!!) I just really love how professional players acknowledge their (new) fans and say a thank-you~

I know that this is a very different post for my blog but it's something I've been really into and I thought I'd make a blog post about it. ^^

Do you play League of Legends? If so who is your favourite champion?? I'd love to know!

All for now~

Saturday, March 9, 2013

University of Sydney O-Week!!

Whoo! Today was the last day of my first week of University but this post is about the week before...//belatedposttt// Sydney Uni's O-Week, or orientation week.
The week is supported by the University of Sydney Union and they manage the social clubs and associations~

Now that oweek has left and lectures have started here's my recap of 2013 usyd oweek!

Day 1: Wednesday!!

Monday started early with catching the train up with kevin, arriving just before 9 and quickly signing up for my first club, SuAnime (ofcourse!) And then promptly heading off to an education lecture....

Post education orientation lecture Beatrice and I found each other and we went on a wander having a look at all of the clubs and societies which had stands and miscellaneous stands looking at products and services offered.

On day 1 I ended up signing up to; SuAnime, Scandinavian society, Chinese cultural appreciation society (chopsticks) and Japanese cultural appreciation society (wasabi). All of the people at the stands were so nice and I was pretty easily sucked into joining haha...

With Beatrice and John inside the Domo-kun suit!! It would have been a heater in there ><

Lunch with Beatrice at Seoul-ria!! It was soo nice >3<

After Lunch we headed to media asia to get some things (of which I am going to blog about next!!) and to Kinokuniya before we had to split~

It was sooo awesome hanging out with Beatrice!! She's one of the funniest, frank, hyper and chirpy persons I've ever met! Thank-you sooo much for hanging out with me ^o^

Day 2: Thursday!!

Thursday morning was more relaxing as I knew I was in for a day of listening to welcomes~ As soon as I got to uni I was talking to the members of SuAnime and CosSoc and had such an amazing time talking to A. from Cossoc!! It's soo awesome meeting Jrock/pop fans!!!!

Eating cotton Candy with Beatrice ^o^ We had to split up after this as I had an Arts lecture and Beatrice a Pharm one~

A surprisingly big turnout for a rather dim day~ Luckily there was no rain so no one was wet!

Yeah USyd has their own Quidditch club!! I watched a game and it looks so fun!!

Day 3: Friday

Man, Friday was just wet wet wet. From getting on at the station till I got home it was rain rain rain! I'm sure mum was happy she didn't have to water her garden ^o^

 Ahh the small turnout!! On the day most of the stalls were empty of people but filling with water! On the day I walked around talking to my unit professors and went on a tour of Fisher Library~

How I saw USyd on Friday~
After wandering around, Tim (who is now going to UTS) and I met up and caught lunch at Ajisen Ramen in Haymarket! The ramen there is sooo good and they were playing a Kat-tun concert (which it took me a while to figure out it was them D:)

The Katsu Ramen is sooo good!!

All in all it was a really fun week and I ended up joining 5 societies and hopefully I'll be active within them! ^o^
So far the first week of uni has flown by pretty well and I'm happy with all of my classes~ All of my peers are so nice and I've made a few friends within my classes ^3^

All for now~
I'll be posting a review soon hopefully~ Maybe tomorrow :O


Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY: Washi Tape Decorated phones!

This is a super easy tutorial requiring only 2 things; washi tape and your phone.
Firstly, if possible remove the backing of your phone. It's very easily done with my S3 but I know that you cannot remove the backing cover if you have see an iPhone. For iPhone users I recommend buying a clear case off of eBay to decorate.

Once the backing is off (or if you are using the phone cover) you can start to arrange your washi tape. Washi tape you can buy from many different retailers on eBay, etsy or other stores you could make it yourself with this tutorial. For my phone I'm using a combination both bought and also handmade washi tape.

Once you are happy with the arrangement then you can make sure all sides are secured down on to the back case and have a little tape over hanging to fold over and ensure it doesn't peel off.

Once you are happy with your design clip your cover back on and there is you'd very simply decorated phone cover. Whilst it provides no protection to the phone it makes it a lot easier to identify. (especially if you have a popular phone!) 

So a very easy and simple decorating tutorial!!

All for now~

Saturday, February 23, 2013

TAG: What's (going to be) in my Bag?

Because Uni starts officially the week after the next I decided why not make a "What's (going to be) in my Bag" tag post!! This is my first ever Tag post so I'm excited to make it~

Let's start!

So here's my school bag and all of its contents (minus my drinkbottle which is in the fridge and my Umbrella which is downstairs). The school bag I made from some fabric my family friend gave me and is fully lined with a single large compartment and is closed with a drawstring~

Here is some of the decorating I did on it to make it a little more pizazzy~ The watch usually goes in the pocket it's on top of so it doesn't dangle everywhere. The studding on the bag was with some brads I picked up from everywhere. The underside it pretty ugly with the stud arms showing haha~

Here is my technology!! Everyday I'm going to be taking my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to make notes in class and blog on the go. I have my Samsung Galaxy SIII which is my phone and beside it my headphones. My sunglasses are actually the glasses I used to have (you may notice the frames clear in older blog posts) but I had the lenses tinted so that I have prescription sunglasses. Lastly on the right is my wallet it's in a light plum colour~

My pens and pencil case~ I really need to reduce the number I have seeing as though the only class I'll be writing in will be Chinese!! The teddy bear pencil case up the top I made myself and the one down the bottom I bought from Daiso and studded myself~

 Here's my make-up and touch ups case~ The Domo case I bought in Shanghai in 2010. I usually only carry powder foundation (I have oily skin, especially in the hot weather we've been having) lip balm, a lip gloss and the lipstick of the day (If I am wearing one). I also carry my oil Blotting sheets, my Issey Miyake perfume and some bandaids....because I'm very accident prone.
In the red pouch I carry 2 sets of earrings just in case I forget to put a pair in and also ear plugs for when I want to study in peace. I started using ear plugs mid last year and found that they cut out so much distraction!

 Here is my diary, campus map (for the first week or so to make sure I know where I'm going), my Canon camera to take photos (as my Olympus one is a little too heavy for everyday!) as well as my lunch box and a pair or disposable chopsticks and fork~ I forget eating utensils very very often!

Last but not least I have my other important things~ The Rose body mist from Daiso has become a staple wherever I go. It's handy to spritz and freshen up~ I have a pack of tissues, train timetable which I covered in pictures, deodorant, my keys and USBs, Chewing gum, handcream and hand sanitiser~ I took the impulse bottle out of my bag because it ended up making it heavy and I was worried about it losing it's cap!

The only other things that would be in my bag are notebooks and textbooks for class~

So that's all the crap  items I would  carry around on a normal school day~ I'm super excited to start next week!!

I'm doing some really interesting units~ I have 2 compulsory Education ones, 2 English ones, 3 Chinese Studies units (2 in the language and 1 in Chinese History) and one in Anthropology~

For this tag I'll be tagging my friends!!

N from The Warping Penguin,
Wilma from New Adventures,
Paul from Hyuga Boy,
FD from From the Fire Dragon's Lair,
N and Monte from Monte's Melbourne,
Tim from Dust's Pokeblog,
and anyone else who wants to make one!! ^o^

Please if you do make one I'd love to know what you carry around!!

All for now~

February Updates~

Hello ^o^

This has been an truly interesting month. A lot of getting ready for University, I must admit I'm so so excited but also a little nervous.... who wouldn't be!!

Tomorrow I have an Arts Faculty day at Uni and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is USyd's O-Week so I'll definitely take lots of photos and hopefully make a substantial  blog post of it on the next weekend.

My CD Collection so far...ehehehehe

Recently my favourite album to listen to has been TOXIC's First Bridge. I really love all of the songs as they have the rock and slight pop mix. They're heavy, but not too. Kind of like Alice Nine... maybe that's why I like them hahaha! I actually love all of the songs on the mini so everyone should check it out!!!

Image from Allkpop.com
I've ordered Nell's album Slip Away from Media Asia and I have to pick it up when it comes in and I also preordered Alice Nine's Daybreak (Limited Edition Nao version of course!!) in CDJapan as they had the best price for the CD+Shipping~ Ahh the problems of being an international fan ><
But the previews for the song are so good so I think it'll be worth it~ I'm also saving to get Alice Nine's Senkou Type B version~

Image from Mushinokoe on Tumblr

Although I'm starting Uni I really really don't want to neglect my blog so I really really do want to keep blogging. I do have a 2hour there and back trip to Uni each day (Yes, I have class everyday unless I can change my Timetable ><) so I do have time to read, do homework and maybe blog then.
My Tablet case finally came in (My phone case has yet to have) and I'm pretty happy with it. It keeps it safe but the only thing is that there's no hole for the camera so if I want to take a photo then I have to take my tablet out~

So that's been my updates really~ Kevin's been at school for a month already so I've been bludging at home myself unless mum or dad are home too.

Next up is a TAG post as well as some special news ^o^

All for now~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVIEW: Dusk Calm Candle +SAD~

So I finally finished my Dusk Calm Candle and here are my thoughts of it! ^o^

The far right candle is the Dusk Calm Candle
It comes in a light lavender colour and smells of lavender but on a slightly sweeter side. Very subtle when its not burning~

I think that this candle, when it burns, the scent changes. It becomes sweeter although it also has a mellow flavour/scent.

It does make me feel more calm as the scent diffuses very well throughout my room. It takes about an hour for it to become noticeable.

I'm not sure if it's the placebo but I do feel calmer when it's burning. Maybe not in all entirety but it  does relax me after a long day~~

Would I repurchase this candle?
I have another one at home so I'll use that one and see how much I want to buy another~

At $3 a pop from Dusk it's not a bug splurge and as long as you have a cup or small teacup you're all good for a container.

The rating I give for this candle is....


Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful SAD day!! (Single Awareness Day)

Here's my heart to yours ^o^

Here's hoping everyone is having a good day ^o^


Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY: Recycled Book Covers

Today's tutorial is going to be a recycling project!!

Kevin's started school again :'D Man the good old days of starting High School!!
I decided that a good way to personalise his books would be to decorate them. Thinking about what he has masses of we decided to utilise his collection of fake Pokemon Cards to cover the books~
So lets get to the tutorial!!

What you'll need:
  • a basic notebook to decorate
  • Images/Graphics Kevin and I used Pokemon Cards but Digimon, Vanguard, Magic, any will work ^^
  • Plastic contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Ruler Or plastic ruler. Don't use a metal ruler as it can scratch the plastic
  • Tape

Firstly lay out your cards in a design you'll want to utilise.

Create a tape loop, put the tape on the backs of the cards and stick them back down onto the notebook.

Do this to all of the cards til the book is covered in the design you like. I added washi-tape to the sides as the cards weren't big enough to cover the whole page.

Cut a piece of contact paper that will cover your front page, if you are using a spiral bound book or the back and front cover if it is not spiral bound. If you are using a spiral bound book make sure that one edge is straight to align against the binding.

Peel back one corner of the contact paper and pull it taught and stick it onto the book. Make sure the pictures are taped on flat so bubbles won't appear and use the ruler to flatten down the contact paper.

Like so!

Cut the corners off of the contact paper so that it is easier to fold over the edges.
With that you're done!!

I think Kevin and I ended up covering 4 of his books and one of mine~ All in all a successful afternoon!

I hope this helped out! If you do try this method please link me to your makings! I'd love to see them ^o^

All for now,