Monday, January 28, 2013

REVIEW: TONYMOLY Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

I'm going to review the TONY MOLY Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream~

Tony Moly is a Korean cosmetics and skin care brand which can be purchased at Morning Glory stores in Sydney~ There is a TM counter at the Haymarket Morning Glory store which stocks most of their popular skin care and cosmetics.

I personally bought it at MGHolic a sub store of Morning Glory which sells limited TM products but did stock their hand cream.

As I was browsing the web I saw a lot of great reviews for it and once in store I tried it out and was completely converted. Not to mention Jenn of ClothesEncounters mentioned it in her July Favourites video and mentioned its scent which I'll get to in a moment.

I paid $9.90 for the hand cream which I think is a little steep with it only containing 30g of product...but I am so hooked on it, that I want to get another one!!

It's super moisturising! I'm a hand cream addict, before I used the TM one I used a Bjork Berries lotion which I loved because it was moisturising and so comfortable on the hands but the scent on it was very subtle. On the other side of the spectrum the TM Peach hand cream just smells AMAZING! The first thing I thought of when I smelled it was Peach Hi-Chew which is my absolute favourite flavour and the smell lingers on your hands for a long time which is so good, it literally just warms you up as it travels through your nostrils.

As a hand moisturiser I think it does a pretty decent job with my hands instantly feeling really nice and smooth and after a week's usage they were visibly softer! But you do need to reapply every 4-5 hours because is does disappear afterwards~

I love the packaging! It's pretty cute and innovative and really piques interest! But the biggest letdown is actually the amount of product, or in fact the lack there of.

There's about 30ml of hand cream in the peach which really doesn't last long especially if you use it on a daily basis. I've used it for less than 2 months now and I'm scraping the edge...and I don't use it everyday.

So all in all my rating for this product is


Missing the .5 because it could deal with a lot more product for the price you're paying for it! But aside from that, I totally love it hand down my holy grail hand cream!

All for now~
Not forever


Friday, January 25, 2013

Daiso and Kinokuniya buys!!

Yesterday as well as celebrating my birthday I also went into Daiso and Kinokuniya! My favourite stores!!

Daiso is amazing!! All the items there are $2.80 and some are really really great value! This time I bought some little things and managed to forget to buy one of their mini tripods!! ><
I ended up coming home with 2 can of drink, on in Plum flavour and the other in grape, 2 tubes of the Mango and Peach hand cream which I love love love to bits!, 2 of their Rose body mists which are really great to spray in the hot weather, it's super refreshing! A tube of medium hardness hairgel which I haven't tried and a set of individual lashes which are so nice and natural (but they don't come with lash glue!)~

At Kinokuniya they were having a sale on Murakami books so I bought Kafka on the Shore as it's on my list after Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell which I'm currently reading~ I also bought the Chinese version of ViVi and Popteen a they didn't have the Japanese ones in stock~

So that's my haul~ Not a lot of things but some things I totally love!

All for now, not forever~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm 18!!

Adulthood is exciting! Not really~ Just another day really with more responsibilities.

Yesterday I celebrated my 18th Birthday and enrolled into the University of Sydney!! Whoo!

Before dawn cracked I was given one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. In the form of a blog I was given posts from all of my friends on Twitter. They each wrote a passage or two and everything really drew me to tears. I was so emotional, at 12 in the morning! All of the words were wonderful, some of them have made their way into my notebooks as a constant reminder~

Thank-you so much everyone! I truly truly cherish the blog and everyone's words <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>

That morning at the crack of dawn I was awake preparing to leave to enroll into Uni leaving the house before 7~

Arriving at Redfern station at about a quarter past 8 Kevin and I started our walk taking about 10 minutes to get to my side of the campus.

Kevin had a considerably difficult time drinking his water.... the bottle just kept leaking!!

After enrollment we headed back onto the train to Central to walk up to TownHall~ On the way up I popped into Daiso and I'll post a haul later~

After meeting with Jacqui, Jacob, Tim and Anita we all headed to Sushi Hotaru at the Galleries Victoria to have lunch~ We were there pretty early so we got seats easily but after we left it was totally crammed!

Walking up and down Pitt St Mall looking for a cupcake place but we ended up just going to the one in QVB~ But before that we caught some Chatime! I bought the Lychee Milk tea and shared with Kevin~

After Chatime we picked up some cupcakes and found somewhere to sit in the building over~ we all chatted and I opened some gifts ^o^

After chatting and eating cupcakes we split up and we called it a day~ Jacob, Kevin and I caught the train home together where they talked a lot about etymology~

All in all it was a wonderful day out seeing my friends and catching up~ It was definitely a mellow way to celebrate it but it was still great ^o^

Back home I was dedicated Alice Nine's Rainbows on Popasia! Thank-you Jamaica, Ania and Megamatt! ^o^

It was a great day spent with friends~

About being 18 though... I'm not really sure, it's really just another day for me. I don't get into the whole drinking culture of Australia, just because I don't find an interest in it.
It does mean more responsibilities in voting and being an adult member of society but we have to learn sometime don't we ^^

All for now~
Olivia ~

Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Washi Tape

Washi-tape is a type of Japanese decorative tape which really came to rise in the crafting and DIY world~

It's great for decorating gifts, adding finishing touches to stationery and even for labeling!

I think it's popularity is also because of its versatility. Its varied number of uses is only limited to the person's imagination~

One of my biggest gripes as a student is how inaccessible it was. I remember that the only place that would sell it was Borders in Rouse Hill Town Center (which sadly has shut down) and a roll of tape there was around $5 which for a student was way too much. I could only ever buy them when they were on sale and I'd use them so so sparingly!

I remember when the Borders was having the clearance I bought so many bundles at 80% off and I still have most of them left ^o^

As I'm a little afraid to use up my Washi Tape I thought, why not make my own! I can use any paper I want and it allows more versatility in what I do with them~

So here is the tutorial!! (Thank-you to N from The Warping Penguin for giving me the idea to do more crafting so this if for you lovely!!)

What you'll need~

  • Double sided tape~ and one side has to have the backing on it,
  • The decorative paper of your choice~ I'm using miscellaneous cut offs which I can't use for book wrapping or much else~ And I'm also using the Dusk wrapping paper because I've had it lyign around for a while //yes I'm a hoarder ><//
  • Scissors or a stanley knife or a straight line cutter~

First thing is lay your paper down Right side ( as in the patterned side you want to show) facing down and the back side facing you. Place pieces of double sided tape of varying widths, if you have them, on the piece of patterned paper.

 Once you have enough tape on the back side, (make sure no pieces of tape are overlapping) and cut out around the strips of tape~ I find it really easy to cut the side lengths with my straight line cutter but I find scissors give a cleaner edge~

Here I'm just demonstrating placing the tape on some patterned paper~ If you put multiple pieces of tape on the paper then you're wasting less paper ^o^

Once they're all cut out enjoy your creations~ Here are a few I made ^o^

With the ones I made with the Dusk wrapping paper the white and purple paper) I tried to avoid the parts of the paper which had the brand name on it and just used the Fleur pattern.

Make sure that when you're storing them that you keep them flat so that the double sided tape backing doesn't bundle or runch up!

To use the DIY washi tape just cut it to your desired length and then peel off the double sided tape's backing and stick it onto wherever~

This is what I do with my notebooks~ I just place a bit of washi tape on the corners to add accents~

So I really hope this tutorial was useful!
Please if you do make some link me to your creations, I'd love to see them! ^o^

Good Luck~


Thursday, January 17, 2013

LOTD: Tomato, Onion and Ham Sandwich

While some bloggers do OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) or NOTD (Nails of the day) I'm going to make a series LOTD, Lunch of the day just to show simple food which I eat~

Today's lunch was a Tomato, Onion and Ham Sandwich

I used a bread roll from the Asian grocer. I think the Asian grocer's bakery must add a little sugar because it is quite sweet but so nice~

Onto the bread I spread some light Philadelphia with some drops of lemon juice, slices of onion, tomato and ham~

Really nice,....but I do have onion breath!

So that's it for today~

Please tell me if you make it and/or like it~


Origami Hearts

As I was browsing my favourites blogs I noticed that Jessica from How About Orange made a post of Origami hearts~

I decided, hey why not make a few for fun, so after digging for some origami paper I ended up making 12 of them~

I love them and I'll be using them in my notebooks to mark pages!

Thank-you for the inspiration Jessica ^o^

All for.....a few hours :o


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sydney University here I come!!

Today, just before the clock ticked 9 I received my offer to study at Sydney University! Yayy!!

The course I'm applying for is a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Secondary Education (Social Sciences an Humanities) which would qualify me to do teaching.

One of my biggest dreams growing up has always been working in China, maybe from a touristic fashion/point of view but, and in particular teaching English in either school or workplaces. It's been a dream I've had for a long while, alongside translation, and I'm so excited that I can truly pursue it in the most straight forward fashion.

I'm really excited for this coming year and the semester! I enroll officially on the 24th (haha, yes my birthday but I'll be in the city anyway! ^^) and I cannot wait to start~ Especially for O-Week!

Sorry it was a random and quick post but I really am so excited and so happy to have the offer!

Nighty~ I'm going to sleep now~


New Desk!!

Yesterday mum and I were at OfficeWorks and there I decided to buy the Sturt Desk ^^
I'd been eyeing it for a while and it was a toss up between it and a table at IKEA...but the Sturt desk was around $200 cheaper and easier to buy seeing as though we frequently go past the Blacktown Officeworks~

It took about 2 hours for Dad, Kevin and I to set up....although Kevin was mostly project manager pretending to help, trying to escape to watch videos on his computer!!

Really happy with it so far :D The drawers seem pretty solid and the shelves are almost filled already!

9/10 ^^

Minus one mark just because it's quite generic looking haha~

So 10cm's AMERICANO has been stuck in my head this whole week~ Not that i only newly encountered it but suddenly one day I woke up and it kept ringing in my head! Does that happen to anyone else?!

Americano- I like, I like, I like
Americano- it’s rich, it’s rich, it’s rich
What do I do with- syrup, syrup, syrup
Without it please, without it please

When you’re with a pretty lady smoking and drinking tea,
When the menu is too complicated to choose from,
When you don’t have money after paying rent and substituting it for a meal,
When you’re eating dessert after a bowl of Jjajangmyun,
(lyrics from
Even the lyrics are catchy ^^
All for tonight~

Friday, January 11, 2013


Oh how I' love to smell some of the scented candles they have at Bath and Body works in America!!

But alas, this Island doesn't have a retailer.

About a week or so ago I went to the DUSK store in Blacktown because, in a way, I've been inspired to burn candles in my room. I think a part of it is wanting to create an ambiance in my room, that is a place that I can relax and I think candles, especially scented ones can really harbor that.... even though it's the middle of summer.

I've been burning a Kimidoll Candle which I recieved a a gift many years ago and while the scent is really subtle it still is really nice when you're near it. I must admit I'm pretty terrible at describing scents...unless it's food.

The three DUSK candles I bought are:

  • Osaka
  • Relaxation
  • Calm
I'll make a post each time I burn a candle just to report it's smell and how well it disperses in my room~

Till then,

Monday, January 7, 2013

USYD Open Day

If you follow my twitter you'd probably sense that I've been pensively worrying about University next THIS year! I really cannot believe it! I'll be in University in a month!

At the moment my first priority University is University of Sydney to do a combined Arts Education course ^^ I managed to get the ATAR cut off //phew// so I'm just waiting on my offer letter, fingers crossed!

On the 3rd Kevin and I woke early to set off for the Info day at Sydney Uni.

He was really camera shy..... sadly didn't want to take any photos with me~

I absolutely love the campus of Sydney Uni! It's not only gorgeous but the buildings are all so contrasting. Where they have the 'traditional' quadrangle building juxtaposed to the New Law Building around the corner, everything just looks so fresh!

Because we arrived with some time to spare we went to a mini-lecture Kevin was interested in, Aerospace Engineering~ Really interesting course, but definitely not for me haha. Lets hope Kevin gets >98 for his ATAR!!

The next place was the Education building for the course I wanted to take.
I was a little disappointed that the lecture only went on for 10 minutes and didn't delve too far into outlining some of the aspects of the course~ Ohh well...

The lecturers at the questions/information desks were really helpful so I'm really keen to take Sociology and Cultural studies in my Arts course ^^

All in all it was a good day out~ Nice to get out of the house

 The only photo I didn't take of myself. Kevin timed it on purpose!!!

 This is the best photo I got~ I love it! Aside from my double chin!!

My baby faced brother hehe

All for now, I think I'll make an update post soon ^^


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thank-you so much for your ongoing support in my blog~ I hope that 2013 is great for everyone!!


On a slightly different note~~
So I succumbed to my inner Hipster and joined instagram!!

You guys are welcome to follow me o3o

My username is AriviaJ and you probably won't get daily spam from me, but maybe the odd day's.

I'll also put an Instagram dialog in the side bar~

So please take care of my in the coming year ^o^
I hope to make enjoyable blog posts!