Friday, January 25, 2013

Daiso and Kinokuniya buys!!

Yesterday as well as celebrating my birthday I also went into Daiso and Kinokuniya! My favourite stores!!

Daiso is amazing!! All the items there are $2.80 and some are really really great value! This time I bought some little things and managed to forget to buy one of their mini tripods!! ><
I ended up coming home with 2 can of drink, on in Plum flavour and the other in grape, 2 tubes of the Mango and Peach hand cream which I love love love to bits!, 2 of their Rose body mists which are really great to spray in the hot weather, it's super refreshing! A tube of medium hardness hairgel which I haven't tried and a set of individual lashes which are so nice and natural (but they don't come with lash glue!)~

At Kinokuniya they were having a sale on Murakami books so I bought Kafka on the Shore as it's on my list after Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell which I'm currently reading~ I also bought the Chinese version of ViVi and Popteen a they didn't have the Japanese ones in stock~

So that's my haul~ Not a lot of things but some things I totally love!

All for now, not forever~

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