Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Washi Tape

Washi-tape is a type of Japanese decorative tape which really came to rise in the crafting and DIY world~

It's great for decorating gifts, adding finishing touches to stationery and even for labeling!

I think it's popularity is also because of its versatility. Its varied number of uses is only limited to the person's imagination~

One of my biggest gripes as a student is how inaccessible it was. I remember that the only place that would sell it was Borders in Rouse Hill Town Center (which sadly has shut down) and a roll of tape there was around $5 which for a student was way too much. I could only ever buy them when they were on sale and I'd use them so so sparingly!

I remember when the Borders was having the clearance I bought so many bundles at 80% off and I still have most of them left ^o^

As I'm a little afraid to use up my Washi Tape I thought, why not make my own! I can use any paper I want and it allows more versatility in what I do with them~

So here is the tutorial!! (Thank-you to N from The Warping Penguin for giving me the idea to do more crafting so this if for you lovely!!)

What you'll need~

  • Double sided tape~ and one side has to have the backing on it,
  • The decorative paper of your choice~ I'm using miscellaneous cut offs which I can't use for book wrapping or much else~ And I'm also using the Dusk wrapping paper because I've had it lyign around for a while //yes I'm a hoarder ><//
  • Scissors or a stanley knife or a straight line cutter~

First thing is lay your paper down Right side ( as in the patterned side you want to show) facing down and the back side facing you. Place pieces of double sided tape of varying widths, if you have them, on the piece of patterned paper.

 Once you have enough tape on the back side, (make sure no pieces of tape are overlapping) and cut out around the strips of tape~ I find it really easy to cut the side lengths with my straight line cutter but I find scissors give a cleaner edge~

Here I'm just demonstrating placing the tape on some patterned paper~ If you put multiple pieces of tape on the paper then you're wasting less paper ^o^

Once they're all cut out enjoy your creations~ Here are a few I made ^o^

With the ones I made with the Dusk wrapping paper the white and purple paper) I tried to avoid the parts of the paper which had the brand name on it and just used the Fleur pattern.

Make sure that when you're storing them that you keep them flat so that the double sided tape backing doesn't bundle or runch up!

To use the DIY washi tape just cut it to your desired length and then peel off the double sided tape's backing and stick it onto wherever~

This is what I do with my notebooks~ I just place a bit of washi tape on the corners to add accents~

So I really hope this tutorial was useful!
Please if you do make some link me to your creations, I'd love to see them! ^o^

Good Luck~



  1. oh wow dats so cewl i always use blu-tack xDDDDDDD

  2. Hehe ^o^ I hope it gave you some inspiration o3o!

    I think Blutack is my second love <3 computer that is XD