Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm 18!!

Adulthood is exciting! Not really~ Just another day really with more responsibilities.

Yesterday I celebrated my 18th Birthday and enrolled into the University of Sydney!! Whoo!

Before dawn cracked I was given one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. In the form of a blog I was given posts from all of my friends on Twitter. They each wrote a passage or two and everything really drew me to tears. I was so emotional, at 12 in the morning! All of the words were wonderful, some of them have made their way into my notebooks as a constant reminder~

Thank-you so much everyone! I truly truly cherish the blog and everyone's words <3 color="#ffffff" font="">>

That morning at the crack of dawn I was awake preparing to leave to enroll into Uni leaving the house before 7~

Arriving at Redfern station at about a quarter past 8 Kevin and I started our walk taking about 10 minutes to get to my side of the campus.

Kevin had a considerably difficult time drinking his water.... the bottle just kept leaking!!

After enrollment we headed back onto the train to Central to walk up to TownHall~ On the way up I popped into Daiso and I'll post a haul later~

After meeting with Jacqui, Jacob, Tim and Anita we all headed to Sushi Hotaru at the Galleries Victoria to have lunch~ We were there pretty early so we got seats easily but after we left it was totally crammed!

Walking up and down Pitt St Mall looking for a cupcake place but we ended up just going to the one in QVB~ But before that we caught some Chatime! I bought the Lychee Milk tea and shared with Kevin~

After Chatime we picked up some cupcakes and found somewhere to sit in the building over~ we all chatted and I opened some gifts ^o^

After chatting and eating cupcakes we split up and we called it a day~ Jacob, Kevin and I caught the train home together where they talked a lot about etymology~

All in all it was a wonderful day out seeing my friends and catching up~ It was definitely a mellow way to celebrate it but it was still great ^o^

Back home I was dedicated Alice Nine's Rainbows on Popasia! Thank-you Jamaica, Ania and Megamatt! ^o^

It was a great day spent with friends~

About being 18 though... I'm not really sure, it's really just another day for me. I don't get into the whole drinking culture of Australia, just because I don't find an interest in it.
It does mean more responsibilities in voting and being an adult member of society but we have to learn sometime don't we ^^

All for now~
Olivia ~

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