Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Desk!!

Yesterday mum and I were at OfficeWorks and there I decided to buy the Sturt Desk ^^
I'd been eyeing it for a while and it was a toss up between it and a table at IKEA...but the Sturt desk was around $200 cheaper and easier to buy seeing as though we frequently go past the Blacktown Officeworks~

It took about 2 hours for Dad, Kevin and I to set up....although Kevin was mostly project manager pretending to help, trying to escape to watch videos on his computer!!

Really happy with it so far :D The drawers seem pretty solid and the shelves are almost filled already!

9/10 ^^

Minus one mark just because it's quite generic looking haha~

So 10cm's AMERICANO has been stuck in my head this whole week~ Not that i only newly encountered it but suddenly one day I woke up and it kept ringing in my head! Does that happen to anyone else?!

Americano- I like, I like, I like
Americano- it’s rich, it’s rich, it’s rich
What do I do with- syrup, syrup, syrup
Without it please, without it please

When you’re with a pretty lady smoking and drinking tea,
When the menu is too complicated to choose from,
When you don’t have money after paying rent and substituting it for a meal,
When you’re eating dessert after a bowl of Jjajangmyun,
(lyrics from
Even the lyrics are catchy ^^
All for tonight~

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