Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sydney University here I come!!

Today, just before the clock ticked 9 I received my offer to study at Sydney University! Yayy!!

The course I'm applying for is a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Secondary Education (Social Sciences an Humanities) which would qualify me to do teaching.

One of my biggest dreams growing up has always been working in China, maybe from a touristic fashion/point of view but, and in particular teaching English in either school or workplaces. It's been a dream I've had for a long while, alongside translation, and I'm so excited that I can truly pursue it in the most straight forward fashion.

I'm really excited for this coming year and the semester! I enroll officially on the 24th (haha, yes my birthday but I'll be in the city anyway! ^^) and I cannot wait to start~ Especially for O-Week!

Sorry it was a random and quick post but I really am so excited and so happy to have the offer!

Nighty~ I'm going to sleep now~



  1. Congrats into getting into uni !!!
    I'm always here if you need to talk bout uni, even though we go to diff uni's, it's all the same... well, kinda :P ♥

    1. Thank-you so much 'N' (Hehe I feel so sneaky using your online name ppffttt)
      I'll definitely ask you any questions I have~ All so far I'm trying to find my units of study! So hard picking them!