Monday, January 7, 2013

USYD Open Day

If you follow my twitter you'd probably sense that I've been pensively worrying about University next THIS year! I really cannot believe it! I'll be in University in a month!

At the moment my first priority University is University of Sydney to do a combined Arts Education course ^^ I managed to get the ATAR cut off //phew// so I'm just waiting on my offer letter, fingers crossed!

On the 3rd Kevin and I woke early to set off for the Info day at Sydney Uni.

He was really camera shy..... sadly didn't want to take any photos with me~

I absolutely love the campus of Sydney Uni! It's not only gorgeous but the buildings are all so contrasting. Where they have the 'traditional' quadrangle building juxtaposed to the New Law Building around the corner, everything just looks so fresh!

Because we arrived with some time to spare we went to a mini-lecture Kevin was interested in, Aerospace Engineering~ Really interesting course, but definitely not for me haha. Lets hope Kevin gets >98 for his ATAR!!

The next place was the Education building for the course I wanted to take.
I was a little disappointed that the lecture only went on for 10 minutes and didn't delve too far into outlining some of the aspects of the course~ Ohh well...

The lecturers at the questions/information desks were really helpful so I'm really keen to take Sociology and Cultural studies in my Arts course ^^

All in all it was a good day out~ Nice to get out of the house

 The only photo I didn't take of myself. Kevin timed it on purpose!!!

 This is the best photo I got~ I love it! Aside from my double chin!!

My baby faced brother hehe

All for now, I think I'll make an update post soon ^^


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